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Arris, Iva N. (I30112)
Mabee, Jacob Pike (I32407)
Van Petten, Adam (I35298)
Van Petten, Simon Nicholas (I36671)
Texas Central Railway in 1886 & 1887 and boarded with Mrs.
Margaret Hurbert 
Mabie, Abraham P. (I32251)
The Complete Peerage vol.XIIp1,Appendix K. 
de Falaise, Herleva (Arlette) Officer of the Household (I2767)
the London District on 1 Jan. 1800. At the same time he was
appointed one of the five commissioners for administering oaths
to public office as prescribed by law for the officers of the
Crown. He was sworn in himself at the house of Lieutenant
James Monroe on 2 Apr 1800 and was a sitting Justice at the
first session of the first court held in Norfolk County at
Fort Monroe 
Teeple, Peter (I37679)
the ministration of Rev. Simon Mabee. The original membership
was eleven in number. Elder Mabee remained pastor of the church
till 1828. The church worships in a neat stone meeting house in
the village of St. George. The main building is 40 feet by 60.
The vestry room is 24 feet by 30.
St. George is a post village in the Township of South Dumfries,
situated about a mile north of the line of the Great Western
Railway, the nearest station being Harrisburg. It is distant 8
miles from Brantford, the same distance from Galt and Paris.
There is considerable business done at St. George, situated as
it is in a fine agricultural section of the country it contains
three churches, viz: - the Canada Presbyterian, the Wesleyan
Methodist and Baptist. 
Mabee, Simon (I29917)
theatre in N.Y. 
Mabee, Arthur D (I38643)
Rose, Victoria Louise (I35620)
Twp of Dorchester north. 
Maybee, Orlow M (I32981)
U.S. Navy, he went West and worked in a drug store and a
lumberyard where he later became manager. 
Mabie, Herbert Symmons (I38573)
until after his first wife died, who was a good Presbyterian.
On marrying the second time, he went to his wife's church which
was Methodist" 
Maybee, Samuel Jarvis (I36086)
Wappingers Falls, Dutchess, NY and later Newburgh, Orange, NY
where he likely died. 
Mabie, Joseph W. (I36990)
Wayne County did not exist in 1814 in the state of Tennessee. It was not founded until 1817. 
Montague, Nancy Isabell (I28955)
where on 5/31/1826, Simon Mabee and Susanna Nexsen, his wife,
were admitted to the Reformed Dutch Church of NY City by
Nexon, Susannah (I36401)
where on 5/31/1826, Simon Mabee and Susanna Nexsen, his wife,
were admitted to the Reformed Dutch Church of NY City by
Mabee, Simon (I36794)
Constantius II Emperor of the Roman Empire (I61890)

alias Beli Mawr
Celtic God of the Sun


Belenos, later known as Beli Mawr ( the Great ), was the Celtic God of the Sun, representing the curative powers of the Sun's heat. His festival of Beltane, when bonfires were lit to welcome in the Summer and encourage the Sun's warmth, was held on May 1st, and is remembered in today's May Day festivities. His symbols were the horse (as shown, for example, by the clay horse figurine offerings at Belenos' Sainte-Sabine shrine in Burgundy), and also the Wheel (as illustrated on the famous Gundestrup Cauldron). Perhaps, like Apollo, whom he became identified with, Belenos was thought to ride the Sun across the sky in a horse-drawn chariot. Indeed, a Celtic model horse and wagon, carrying a gilded sun-disc, has been found at Trundholm in Denmark. Sometimes he is illustrated riding a single horse, throwing thunder-bolts (hence an occasional identification with Jupiter) and using his symbolic radiating wheel as a shield, as he tramples the chthonic forces of a snake-limbed giant. This personification is similar to the classic depiction of the Archangel«b» St. Michael defeating the Devil«/b» . Sacred pagan hills associated with Belenos, are thought to have had their dedications transferred to this saint (or sometimes«b» St. George «/b») by the early Christians. Well known examples include St. Michael's Mount (Cornwall) and the churches of St. Michael on Brent Tor (Devon), and Burrow Mump and «b»Glastonbury Tor«/b» (Somerset): All on a supposed ley line that faces the Rising Sun at Beltane. He may also have been worshipped on «b»Dragon Hill«/b» below the great «b»Uffington White Horse«/b» in Berkshire. It has been suggested the Welsh form of his name, Beli Mawr, lived on into«b» Arthurian romance«/b» as King Pellinore of Listinoire.


Beli Mawr is claimed as the founder of the Deisi, later rulers of the kingdom of Dyfed .His eldest son, Aballac, is claimed as the ancestor of Coel Hen, of Ebruac .His second child, daughter Lweriadd , marries Llyr Lleddiarth, who is claimed as the founder of Gwent . 
Beli (Heli) Mawr Great King of Britons (I59919)

Luke 3:26

Son of «u»Joanna «/u», and father of «u»Joseph «/u» in «u»Christ's «/u» maternal ancestry («u»26 «/u»), probably identical with Abiud («u»Matt. 1:13 «/u»), and with «u»Obadiah «/u» («u»1 Chr. 3:21 «/u»).

Juda (Joda) (I61060)
·governor of Judaea charged with the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem (1) 
ha-David, Zorobabel (Zerubbabel) ha-David Governor of Judah (I60008)
·He was a Jewish Tribal leader who returned to Judah after Cyrus, King of Persia, captured Babylon. Ezra 2:1 "Now these are the children of the province that went up out of the captivity, of those which had been carried away, whom Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon had carried away unto Babylon, and came again unto Jerusalem and Judah, every one unto his city;" 2:2 "Which came with Zerubbabel: Jeshua, Nehemiah, Seraiah, Reelaiah, Mordecai, Bilshan, Mizpar, Bigvai, Rehum, Baanah." (1,2) 
ha-David, Zorobabel (Zerubbabel) ha-David Governor of Judah (I60008)
·released from his captivity by Evilmerodach and reinstated as King of Judah || 2 Kings 25:27 "And it came to pass in the seven and thirtieth year of the captivity of Jehoiachin king of Judah, in the twelfth month, on the seven and twentieth day of the month, that Evilmerodach king of Babylon in the year that he began to reign did lift up the head of Jehoiachin king of Judah out of prison." 25:28 "And he spake kindly to him, and set his throne above the throne of the kings that were with him in Babylon." 
ha-David, Jeconiah (Jehoiachin)(Jechonias)(Jeconiah)(Coniah)(Jekonjah) King of Judah (I60792)
·taken captive to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar II || As noted by tablets found in Babylon dating from Nebuchadnezzar II, 595-570, where is listed the deliveries of rations of oil and barley to the captive Jehoiachim and five of his sons, among others 
ha-David, Jeconiah (Jehoiachin)(Jechonias)(Jeconiah)(Coniah)(Jekonjah) King of Judah (I60792)
175 Bishop of Verdun (984-988) Adalberon Bishop of Verdun (I63632)
176 from Charles of Aquitaine King of Aquitaine (I3625)
177 Eysteinsson, Sigurd I Riki the Powerful, Earl of Orkney 
Eysteinsson, Sigurd I Riki The Powerful Earl (I3931)
178 married Hineman Ward Wadsworth HARE (born 1829; carpenter; served in Civil War as Corporal, Co. "B" , 2nd Regiment, Potomas Home Brigade, Maryland Volunteer Infantry, from 27 August 1861 to 26 Sept. 1864; died 1910), Morgan Co., VA, 27 September 1860; Hare, Hineman Ward Wadsworth (I66042)
179 "Describing himself as " of Bethersden," and mentioning only his " cousin Waller," whom he nominated his executor. Chute, Sir Walter (I55853)
180 "SS Talmer", Arr: Freemantle, Australia King-Adams, Lindsay Marion (I56268)
181 "Under the command of Sir Walter Raleigh, attacked and took Fayall from the Spaniards" Chute, Sir Walter (I55853)
182 "We hear that "Sir Walter Chute's requests," whatever they were, "have been fulfilled." (see next entry) Chute, Sir Walter (I55853)
183 (joint emperor with «u»Constantius II «/u» and «u»Constans «/u», over «u»Gaul «/u», «u»Hispania «/u», and «u»Britannia «/u», in 340 in failed competition with «u»Constans «/u»); Constantine II Emperor of the Roman Empire (I61889)
184 (The Hun School of Princeton) Chute, Challoner Duke (I55974)
185 (undisputed Augustus in the West, senior Augustus in the empire) Constantine I Emperor of the Roman Empire (I61887)
186 Chute, Philip of Appledore (I55814)
187 - (see General notes) Chute, Anthony (I55772)
188 - (see General notes) Chute, Anthony (I55772)
189 - , Torrens, Lieutenant Colonel Robert (I56189)
190 - «sup»«b»2107«/sup»«/b» Chute, Philip of Appledore (I55814)
191 1st and last Tui Bau 1867/1869 Cakobau, Ratu Seru Epenisa Tui Viti (I287)
192 3rd dau. and coheir of Sir John Wentworth, of Gosfield, Essex. Wid ow of Sir Hugh Rich, married (Lic. 12 Apr 1555) Henry Fitzalan, styled Lo rd Mautravers, died s.p. and v.p., 30 Jun 1556, at Brussels, aged 18. H is widow married, between 1573 and 1580, William Deane. She was buri ed 10 Jan 1580/1, at Gosfield afsd., as "Anne, Lady Maltravers, uxor Willi am Deane Esq." in her will dated 26 Mar 1573, she styles herself "late wi fe of the Rt. Hon. Henry Earl of Arundel", and bequeaths her residue to " my servant" William Deane, who pr. the said will 15 Feb 1580/1. He, wh o, in 1571, bought Dynes Hall, Great Maplestead, Essex, married 2ndly, Ann e, widow of George Blythe, clerk to the Council of York, and daughter of T homas Egerton, and had issue, and died 4 Oct 1585. WENTWORTH (B. Maltravers) 
Wentworth, Anne Baroness of Maltravers (I2707)
193 A Baptist Minister, Marshall, Faquuier Co., Va., 1882 Athey, Rev Samuel Milton (I39701)
194 a great favorite of Robert, Duke of Normandy. BIGOD (E. East Anglia),_3rd_Earl_of_Chester 
le Goz, Thurstan (I4057)
195 a gunsmith and minister in the United Brethern Church; Athey, Thomas (I64777)
196 a Magna Charta Baron against King John De FIENNES (1° B. Fiennes ) 
de Fiennes, William 1st Baron Fiennes (I3473)
197 Acceded 1180 
Capet, Philip II Augustus of France King of France (I4643)
198 After the second coup, he became Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Fijian Affairs in the interim Cabinet, Nailatikau, Ratu Epeli Na Turaga Mai Naisogolaca (I66471)
199 After the two children died in 1877, the rest of the children were not baptized until 1888. Greenan, Anne (I19618)
200 Age 40, Middleton, Norfolk N., Ontario

«i»1881 Canadian Census

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Name Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
John OSTRANDER M Male 40 O Farmer Weslyan Methodist
Mary OSTRANDER M Female 33 O Weslyan Methodist
Isaac OSTRANDER Male 12 O Weslyan Methodist
George OSTRANDER Male 10 O Weslyan Methodist

Source Information:
Census Place Middleton, Norfolk North, Ontario
Family History Library Film 1375899
NA Film Number C-13263
District 158
Sub-district D
Division 2
Page Number 17
Household Number 87 «/i» 
Ostrander, John (I56911)

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