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Matches 1501 to 1550 of 1651

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   Source ID   Title, Author 
1501 S1268 Steve Mabie, A Chronology of Mabie/Mabee/Maybee Records fromUpper Canada (10 June 1791 - 10 Feb 1841), Canada West (10 Feb 1841 - 1 Jul 1867), Ontario (post 1 Jul 1867), Url:
1502 S1427 Steve Mabie, A Chronology of Mabie/Mabee/Maybee Records for the First Three Generations in North America, Url:
1503 S1289 Steve Mabie, A Chronology of Mabie/Mabee/Maybee Records from New Brunswick, Canada and the State of Maine, Url:
1504 S1251 Steve Mabie, A Chronology of Mabie/Mabee/Maybee Records, Orange, Rockland, Dutchess, Westchester, Ulster Counties in NY and New Jersey, Url:
1505 S1275 Steve Mabie, A Chronology of Mabie/Mabee/Maybee Records. Albany, Schenectady, Montgomery and Herkimer Counties, Url:
Steve Mabie 
1506 S1300 Steve Mabie, Chronology of Mabie/Mabee/Maybee Records fromfrom Quebec, Canada, Url: ronology.htm
1507 S1261 Steve Mabie, Mabie/Maybee/Mabee/Mabey Family Records, 1870 census, Url:
Steve Mabie 
1508 S1242 Steve Mabie, Mabie/Maybee/Mabee/Mabey Family Records, 1880 census, Url:
1509 S1254 Steve Mabie, Mabie/Maybee/Mabee/Mabey Family Records, Url:
Steve Mabie 
1510 S1271 Steve Mabie, MMabie/Maybee/Mabee/Mabey Family Records in Canada, Canadian Censuses, Url:
Steve Mabie 
1511 S399 Stevens, Luke, Line of Adam.
1512 S1546 Subj: update Chute family group #946-01
Brian Leroy Chute 
1513 S270 Sue Cook
1514 S6 Susan Elaine (Sue) Pattullo nee Siegert
1515 S1541 Suzanne Marie Ward
1516 S452 Sylvester Miller's Bible
1517 S1727 Teresa Selchow. [email protected]
1518 S1377 The Automated Genealogy 1901 Census of Canada, Url:
1519 S1219 The Benton Argus, Spet. 6, 1934
1520 S1457 The Book of Names, especially Relating to the Early Palatines and the First Settlers in the Mohawk Vally
Lou D. MacWelty 
1521 S104 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, FamilySearch┬« International Genealogical Index v5.0, Film #: 184802
1522 S1752 The Churchill family in America. Digital.
1523 S1745 The Fiji Journals of Baron Von Hugel
Jane and Steven Hooper 
1524 S1428 The Green-Wood Cemetery, Url:
1525 S426 The Holy Bible, ("Chronicles 2:4-6", King James Version., 1611).
1526 S422 The Holy Bible, (Genesis, King James Version., 1611).
1527 S1531 The Jorgenson/Haake Family Web Page
Everett T. Jorgenson 
1528 S1616 The Newcombs (and Other Connections)
Rosemary West 
1529 S1330 The Palatine Families of New York
Jones, Henry Z. 
1530 S1460 The Papers of Sir William Johnson
1531 S1415 The Pioneering Families of Early North America, The Shunk Family Tree, Url: Tree/
1532 S160 The Plymouth Democrat
1533 S1444 The Salmon: Through the Valley of the Shadow, Location: Salmon, Lemhi County, Idaho
1534 S351 The South Bend Daily Times (The Saturday Times)
1535 S99 The South Bend Daily Tribune
1536 S350 The South Bend Saturday Tribune
1537 S1452 The Tryon County Militia Project, Url:
1538 S1426 The Van Tassel Family History Homepage, Url:
1539 S403 The World Book Encyclopedia
1540 S395 The World Book Encyclopedia
1541 S1226 The Zeigler Family
1542 S1298 Then and Now, a History of Parker, South Dakota 1879-1979
1543 S402 This lineage is from the Icelandic prose Edda.
1544 S69 Thomas Denson Ancestors and Descendants
Stong, Stanley 
1545 S1070 Thomas J. Ingham, History of Sullivan County Pennsylvania, (Lewis Publishing Co.; Chicago, IL; 1899), 169
1546 S1288 Three Campbell Sisters - Wives of Jacob Mabee, Recipient: The Maybee Society, Address: Sacramento, California, Author E-mail: [email protected]
Ralph E. Clouse 
1547 S282 Timaleti Raivaroro
1548 S1703 Tinkham, Campbell, Winchester, Grinnell and Allied Families
Ora Tinkham Roberts 
1549 S507 Told to Pamm Garber by Elmer Sholly, 1-6-2005
1550 S994 Tombstone - years and age

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