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    February 2021    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Eloise Lavern Bandy   Litiana Maopa   Banuve Baleivavalagi, 2nd Vuni...   Baby Cook   Henry of Orchard Portman, 2nd ...   Martin Brugger   Elfreda (AElfgifu)   Ramiro I of Asturias, King of ...   Odo (Eudes) of Bayeux de Conte...   Eleanor Poynings, Baroness Poy...   Alphonso II of Provence, Count...   Walter S. Booth, M. D.   Laurence Washington   Margaret of Gloucester de Clar...   Alix of Burgundy   Isabelle de France   David of Crawford Lindsay, 1st...   Nicholas Mabie   Beatriz   Andrew Gray, 2nd Lord Gray   Lorenzo Dow Atha   John of Settrington Bigod, Sir...   Margaret Scrope, Countess Suff...   Sybilla of Conversano   Maurice Philip Cowles   Leola Grabach   Esther Ann Falls   DeWitt D. Mabee   William Orrin Whiteman   Bessie Lucille Mahon   George Harold Mabie   Violet L. Gibson   Joseph Maybee   Nancy Whiteman   Peter Kinsley Comstock   Harrison Gearhart   Elzada Comstock   Lavina Cole   Daniel Columbus Shepherd   Barbara Henderson   James Oscar Dehan   Herbert M. Faul   James Berkeley   Sigismund of Bavaria Wittelsba...   Thomas Hay   Nicholas Throckmorton   Paul Herman Mabee   Chesleigh Rhodes Mabee   Orland Francis Mabee   Grace Elizabeth Mabee   Edward Sartwell Mabie   William Grass   Jacob Mabee   Dora A. Williams   Florence Jane Mabee   Arthur Silas Van Patten   George Voorhees Mabie   Anna Maybee   Warren Edmund Mabie   Howard George Debele   Catherine Elida Harris   Casparus Mabie   Thomas de Multon   Geoffrey I of Provence, Count ...   Annabella Murray   Agnes (Janet) Stewart   John Campbell   Henry of Drayton Greene, Esq.   Laurence de St. Maur   Elizabeth Kirkby   John of Winwick Knyvett   Anne Seymour, Countess Warwick   John Cheney   Arnold Hungerford, Knight   Margaret Stanley, Countess Sus...   Thomas Paget, 3rd Baron Paget ...   Anne Preston   Anthony Denny, Knight   Edmund Windsor   George Carey   Elizabeth Keith   George Sinclair, 5th Earl of C...   Anne Keighley   Elizabeth Knyvett   Eleanor Norwood   William Christison   Hugh Montgomerie, 7th Earl of ...   Fred Burton Chute   Maria Lucretia Clappison   Roy Erland Barclift   Whitfield Barclift   Mehitable Foster   William Throckmorton   Trevor Bomford, Esq.   Margaret Leslie   Catherine Dudley   David Carnegie, 1st Earl of So...   Engelberge de Provemce   John, St. John, 2nd Viscount S...   Brian Zeiler   Sarah Rogers   Godfrey IV the Hunchback, Duke...   John McNew   Mark Anthony Melrose   Dorcus Dawkins   William A Athey   Mary   Elias B. Dickson   Martha Balmer   Anthony Allen McGrew   William II of Holland, Count o...   Joan (Joanna)   Isabelle de France   Andrews Windsor, 1st Baron Win...   Jessie Erma Mabie   George Maybee   Anna Duchane   Gerald FitzGerald, 8th Earl of...   Juana la Beltraneja, Princes o...   Anne Beauchamp, Countess of Wa...   William Mabie, Jr.   John de Sutton   Helen McBrearty   John Leopard   Helen I. Maeby   Thomas O'Donnell   Clarrisa J. Yorks   Otto Hartzel   Martha Petticord   Lucy M Miller   Charles Grant Whiteman   Lura Sweany   Florence M. Mabee   Flora Kester   Anna   David E. Strand   Jennie Mabie   Alice   Leon Jordan   Percy M. Jordan   Elizabeth   Rosetta M. Highway   George William Heighway   Viola Shellhammer   Harriet Whiteman   John Queen   Basie Queen   Alice C. B. Anderson   Grover Queen   Thomas Jake Queen   Milton Scott   William Cyrus Walker   George W. Van Bebber   Emma A. Mabie   Daniel E. Maybee   Lillie Gannon   Voleney Nixon   Annie Byrnes   Sophia Peterson   Fred L. Mabee   Cora E. Mabee   Sophia A.M. Park   Edgar Mabie   Jacob Maybee   William M. Mabie   Jennie Rue Mabie   Cerissa Jane Preston   Harriett Mabey   Sarah Jane Tillotson   Charles E. Mabie   Alice Whitbeck   James O. Mabee   Peter James Mabie   John Henry Mabie   Alexander Mabie   Mary Adelia Vandee   David Hotaling   Willet Johnson Mabee   Bertha   Eliza P.   Schuyler Carroll Mabee   William H. Mabee   Louise B. Burnett   Harriet E.   Clarinda Shamblin   William Frank Allen   Henry Mabie   Edith Smith   Nicholas Mabee   Homer E. Sergeant   Catharina Marsh   Ann Eliza Hyatt   Ella Sanderson   Anne Stanhope   Child Stuart   Francis Fane, 1st Earl Westmor...   Henry Stuart   Bennett William Chute   Gladys Blunt   Shirley H. Mann   Daniel McGillicuddy   Ann Stickney   Mary Stickney   Polly Norton   Franklin Athy   Elmer Athy   Joseph Athy   Andreas Brog   Louis II The Stammerer of Fran...   Hiram Taylor/ (F551606146)   Andrew II of Hungary, King of ...   John (Jean) de Bourgogne, sn ...   Anthony Grey, 4th Baron Grey o...   David of Rothesay Stuart, Duke...   Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Bu...   Sir John of Dereneley Stewart/...   Anthony Maria Browne, 2nd Visc...   Sir William Blount, Knight/Mar...   Colin Campbell, 6th Earl of Ar...   Sir Archibald Douglas/Agnes Ke...   Walter Drummond, Master of Dru...   Chauncy M. Button/Emma C Mabie...   George H. Mabie/Amanda T. Smit...   Stephen G Maybee/Abigail M Pen...   William Henry Mabie/Effie Agne...   George Keith, 4th Earl Marisch...   Sir William Gascoigne/Margaret...   Henry Frederick Howard, 3rd Ea...   Norman Leslie, Master of Rothe...   James Carnegie, 2nd Earl of So...   William Murray Nairne, 2nd Bar...   Oshin, King of Armenia/Joan ( ...