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Artaxias (Artashes) I "the Conqueror", King of Armenia

Artaxias (Artashes) I "the Conqueror", King of Armenia

Male 230 B.C. - 159 B.C.

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  • Name Artaxias (Artashes) I "the Conqueror"  
    Suffix King of Armenia 
    Nickname the Conqueror 
    Born 230 B.C. 
    Gender Male 
    Died 159 B.C. 
    • «b»«/b»

      Strategos and King of Armenia

      King Artashes was the founder of the Artashesid dynasty and grandfather of Tigran the Great). This dynasty was an offshoot of the Parthian royal house, reflecting Armenia's status then as Parthian protectorate. He built the city of Artashat (Artaxata) on the Araks River. He is mentioned in the works of Strabo and Plutarch.


      Artaxias I«/b» (also called «b»Artaxes«/b» or «b»Artashes«/b», «u»Armenian «/u»: (reigned 190 BC/189 BC\endash 160 BC/159 BC) was the founder of the «u»Artaxiad Dynasty «/u» whose members ruled the «u»Kingdom of Armenia «/u» for nearly two centuries.

      By the end of the 3rd century BC, Armenia was a kingdom made up of around 120 dynastic domains ruled by «u»nakharars «/u», loosely united under the «u»Orontid «/u» kings of «u»Greater «/u» and «u»Lesser Armenia [1]«/u». Even though «u»Alexander the Great «/u» did not conquer Armenia, «u»Hellenistic «/u» culture had strongly impacted Armenian society. When «u»Antiochus the Great «/u» wrestled Armenia from Orontid rule he appointed Artaxias as «u»strategos «/u». Following his monarch's defeat by the «u»Romans «/u» at the «u»Battle of Magnesia «/u» in 190 BC, Artaxias and his co-strategos «u»Zariadres «/u» revolted and, with Roman consent, began to reign autonomously with the title of king; Artaxias over «u»Greater Armenia «/u» and Zariadres over «u»Sophene «/u»/Lesser Armenia«u»[2]«/u».

      Artaxias was married to «u»Satenik «/u», daughter of the king of «u»Alans «/u». They had six sons: «u»Artavasdes (Artavazd) «/u», «u»Vruyr «/u», Mazhan, Zariadres (Zareh), Tiran and «u»Tigranes «/u» (Tigran). Artaxias founded a capital, «u»Artaxata «/u» on the «u»Araks River «/u» near «u»Lake Sevan «/u». «u»Hannibal «/u» took refuge there at his court when Antiochus could not protect him any longer. Artaxias was taken captive by «u»Antiochus IV Epiphanes «/u» when he attacked Armenia around 165 BC.


      «tab»«/b»«i»It is said that when «u»Hannibal «/u» fled from the «u»Romans «/u» and came to «u»Armenia «/u», he suggested different projects to the Armenian king and taught him several useful things. When he saw the beautiful landscape and nature in Armenia he drew a sketch for the future city. Then he took Artashes to the spot and asked him to personally supervise the building of the city. Thus a big and beautiful city was named after the king, Artashat, and became his capital.«/i» «u»[3]«/u»

      «u»1. ^«/u»«/b» Pliny, Natural history 6.9.
      «u»«b»2. ^«/u»«/b» Strabo, Geography 11.14.15
      «u»«b»3. ^«/u»«/b» «u»Plutarch«/u», «u»Roman «/u» historian (AD 46\endash 120), Lucullus
    Person ID I60745  Glenn Cook Family
    Last Modified 19 Jun 2013 

    Father Zariadres (Zareh), King of Sophene,   d. 190 B.C. 
    Family ID F551617123  Group Sheet

    Family Satenik,   d. Yes, date unknown 
     1. Tigranes I, King of Armenia,   b. Abt 200 B.C.,   d. Abt 123 B.C.
    Last Modified 19 Jun 2013 
    Family ID F551617124  Group Sheet

  • Photos
    Artaxias I
    Artaxias I
    Picture of King Artaxias I drawn, probably by using his pictures on coins from his reign as inspiration. Image scanned from the Armenian: Mihran Kurdoghlian, Badmoutioun Hayots, A. hador [Armenian History, volume I], Athens, Greece, 1994 p.64
    Artaxias (Artashes) I
    Artaxias (Artashes) I