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Anscar I of Ivrea, margrave of Ivrea

Male - 902

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  • Name Anscar I of Ivrea  
    Suffix margrave of Ivrea 
    Gender Male 
    Acceded 877 
    count of Oscheret 
    Acceded 888 
    margrave of Ivrea 
    Died Mar 902 

      «b»From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Anscar I«/b» (died March 902) was the «u»margrave of Ivrea «/u» from 888«u»[1]«/u» to his death. From 877 or 879, he was the count of «u»Oscheret «/u» in «u»Burgundy «/u». He supported «u»Guy III of Spoleto «/u» for the «u»throne of France «/u» after the deposition of «u»Charles the Fat «/u» in 887, but after Guy's failed attempt and the coronation of «u»Odo, Count of Paris «/u», he returned with Guy across the «u»Alps «/u», where the duke was elected «u»King of Italy «/u». In gratitude, he created the «u»March of Ivrea «/u» in the northeast and invested his Burgundian supporter.
      Anscar was a counsellor of «u»Boso of Provence «/u» and brother of «u»Fulk, Archbishop of Rheims «/u», who strongly supported the «u»Carolingian «/u» dynasty in France. With Fulk, he probably invited Guy to France. Anscar fought on behalf of Guy's kingship in Italy. He battled «u»Arnulf of Carinthia «/u» during the latter's invasion of 894 and he supported Guy's son «u»Lambert «/u» after Guy's death that year. In 896, he was one of the few in the north to oppose Arnulf second invasion. After Lambert's death, he supported «u»Berengar of Friuli «/u» as king and became his chief counsellor.
      Anscar's wife was unknown, but he had only one son, «u»Adalbert «/u», through whom he was the progenitor of a dynasty, the «u»Anscarids «/u».
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    Last Modified 19 Jun 2013 

     1. Adalbert of Ivrea, Count and Margrave of Ivrea,   d. 17 Jul 932
    Last Modified 19 Jun 2013 
    Family ID F551617430  Group Sheet