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Female - Yes, date unknown

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  • Name Pompeia  
    Gender Female 
    Died Yes, date unknown 

    • «b»From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Pompeia«/b» (flourished 2nd century BC & 1st century BC) was a «u»Roman «/u» woman. Pompeia was born and raised into a noble family in «u»Picenum «/u» (modern «u»Marche «/u» & «u»Abruzzo «/u») a rural district in Northern «u»Italy «/u», off the «u»Adriatic «/u» Coast.
      Pompeia's mother was a woman called Lucilia. Lucilia's family originated from Suessa Aurunca (modern «u»Sessa Aurunca «/u») and she was a sister of satire poet «u»Gaius Lucilius «/u». Lucilius was a friend of Roman general «u»Scipio Aemilianus Africanus «/u».
      Her paternal grandfather was Gnaeus Pompeius, while her father was Sextus Pompeius. Pompeia had two elder brothers «u»Sextus Pompeius «/u» and Gnaeus «u»Pompeius Strabo «/u». Through Strabo, she was a paternal aunt to triumvir «u»Pompey «/u» and his sister «u»Pompeia «/u».
      Pompeia married Marcus Atius Balbus (148 BC-87 BC), a senator of «u»plebs «/u» status from Aricia (modern Ariccia). Pompeia and Balbus had a son a younger «u»Marcus Atius «/u» Balbus in 105 BC. Her son married «u»Julia Caesaris «/u» Minor, the second eldest sister of dictator Gaius «u»Julius Caesar «/u». The younger Balbus and Julia had three daughters. Among Pompeia's descendants was the first «u»Roman Emperor «/u» «u»Augustus«/u».
    Person ID I61225  Glenn Cook Family
    Last Modified 19 Jun 2013 

    Family Marcus Atius Balbus,   b. 148 B.C.,   d. 0087 B.C. 
     1. Marcus Atius,   b. 105 B.C.,   d. 0051 B.C.
    Last Modified 19 Jun 2013 
    Family ID F551617499  Group Sheet