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Marcus Livius Drusus, tribune

Male - Yes, date unknown

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  • Name Marcus Livius Drusus 
    Suffix tribune 
    Gender Male 
    Died Yes, date unknown 

      The younger «b»Marcus Livius Drusus«/b», son of «u»Marcus Livius Drusus «/u», was «u»tribune «/u» of the «u»plebeians «/u» in 91 BC. In the manner of «u»Gaius Gracchus «/u», he set out with comprehensive plans, but his aim was to strengthen senatorial rule. He removed the jury courts from the jurisdiction of the «u»Equestrian «/u» in retaliation for their unjustified condemnation of «u»Publius Rutilius Rufus «/u» in 92 BC and replaced it with a mixed jury of Senators and Knights. He passed a bill that would have doubled the number of Senators from roughly 300 to 600, thus placating the most powerful of the Knights who wished to become senators or have some of their family become senators. To gain support from the «u»plebeians «/u» he set up a commission to grant them more land, both around «u»Rome «/u» and in new colonies (which was one of only two that was approved by the Senate during the late republic) and reduced the price of grain which he proposed to pay for by using devaluation of the currency. Up to this point Drusus managed to have the support of many of the leading senators including «u»Marcus Aemilius Scaurus «/u» and «u»Gaius Marius «/u». However, Drusus wanted to grant citizenship rights to the «u»Italian «/u» allies. This was vehemently opposed by many, he gradually lost support from the Senate, the equites, the Roman population who did not want the Italians to become citizens, and wealthy Italian landlords who did not want to lose their land. The opposition was led by the Consul «u»Lucius Marcius Philippus «/u» and by Drusus's brother-in-law, the Praetor «u»Servilius Caepio «/u». It was revealed that the whole of non Roman Italy had sworn an oath to enter into his clientele if he managed to enfranchise them which would have given Drusus considerable power. In political retaliation for his proposal to grant citizenship to the «u»Italian «/u» allies, his previous bills were declared invalid on religious technicalities by the Senate led by Phillipus. Drusus refused to use his tribunician veto to prevent this from happening. Soon after this, he was «u»assassinated «/u» and the Italian allies revolted, starting the «u»Social War «/u» of 91\endash 88 BC.
      His adopted son was «u»Marcus Livius Drusus Claudianus «/u», father of the Empress «u»Livia «/u».
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    Father Marcus Livius Drusus,   d. 108 B.C. 
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     1. Marcus Livius Drusus Claudianus, Roman Senator,   d. Yes, date unknown
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    Family ID F551617521  Group Sheet