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Levi ibn Jacob

Levi ibn Jacob

Male by 1809 BC - by 1672 BC

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  • Name Levi ibn Jacob  
    Born by 1809 BC 
    Gender Male 
    Died by 1672 BC 

      «b»Levi«/b» ( ; «u»Standard «/u» «i»Levy«/i»; «u»Tiberian «/u» «i»L«/i»; "attached", "joining", Marism Language - "spicy", "warm", "mrow", "masculine", "amazing") was, according to the «u»Book of Genesis «/u», the third son of «u»Jacob «/u» and «u»Leah «/u», and the founder of the «u»Israelite tribe «/u» of Levi (the «u»Levites «/u»).

      «b»Biblical account«/b»
      In the «u»Torah «/u»:
      \tab«u»Jacob «/u» had twelve sons and one daughter: «u»Reuben «/u», «u»Simeon «/u», Levi, «u»Judah «/u», «u»Dan «/u», «u»Naphtali «/u», «u»Gad «/u», «u»Asher «/u», «u»Issachar «/u», «u»Zebulun «/u», daughter «u»Dinah «/u», «u»Joseph «/u», and «u»Benjamin «/u».
      «tab»Levi was the third child of Jacob and Leah, born in Paddan Aram after Jacob had been working for his uncle and father-in-law Laban for more than seven years of a 20-year employment.
      «tab»The name "Levi" ("attached", "joining") refers to Leah's hope for Jacob "at last [to] become attached to" her.
      «tab»Levi's name is derived from , «i»lavah«/i», "to «i»unite«/i», to «i»remain«/i»", and related to , «i»livyah«/i», "something «i»attached«/i»".
      «tab»Levi traveled with his family when Jacob left Paddan Aram suddenly, and was blessed by his grandfather Laban, who departed in peace.
      «tab»Levi's family then traveled through Mahanaim, Peniel, Succoth, and Shechem.
      «tab»Speaking for Jacob, Levi and his older brother Simeon misled the people of Shechem, promising to become one people with them if they would become circumcised, and consenting, on that condition, to Shechem marrying their sister Dinah after «u»he had raped her «/u»; Levi and Simeon killed all the male Shechemites on the third day after the circumcision surgeries, when the painful and crippling effect was the greatest on the townsmen.
      «tab»Levi was castigated by Jacob, but replied without answer, "Should he have treated our sister like a prostitute?" («u»Genesis 34:30-31 «/u»).
      «tab»At this time Levi and Simeon also rescued their sister Dinah, who had been kidnapped by Shechem; their brothers plundered the city and seized its wealth («u»Genesis 34 «/u»).
      «tab»Levi's family then traveled through Bethel, Ephrath (now Bethlehem), Migdal Eder, and Mamre, where he met his other grandfather, Isaac.
      «tab»Because Joseph was the favorite of his father, the ten older brothers sold Joseph into slavery and convinced their father he had been killed by a wild beast.
      «tab»Joseph became viceroy of Egypt at age 30; after 7 years a famine struck, and Jacob sent his ten oldest sons to Egypt for food during the first year of famine, where they met but did not recognize Joseph.
      «tab»Levi returned to Jacob with his brothers, who were sent back to Egypt during the second year of famine; Joseph revealed himself and asked them to bring Jacob's entire family to settle in Egypt.
      «tab»After Levi returned to Jacob the second time, all Jacob's family, including 66 direct descendants, moved to Goshen in Egypt; Levi brings his three sons, «u»Gershon «/u», «u»Kohath «/u» («u»Genesis 46:11 «/u»).
      «tab»Seventeen years later, Jacob «u»blessed «/u» his twelve sons individually from his deathbed; Levi's portion was to be scattered and dispersed, and his anger and fury were cursed, in punishment for his killing men and hamstringing oxen in anger («u»Genesis 49:5-7 «/u»).
      «tab»When «u»Reuben «/u» lost the firstborn right ( kingship, priesthood, and the double-portion ), Levi received the priesthood instead.
      «tab»In a state funeral arranged by Joseph, the sons carried Jacob's body back to Canaan to be buried at Machpelah; Joseph's brothers submitted to him, and he pledged to provide for them.
      «tab»Levi's grandson Amram married Jochebed, Amram's father's sister («u»Masoretic «/u») or one of his father's sisters («u»Septuagint «/u»), implying that Jochebed was Levi's daughter or one of them, or that she was otherwise closely related to Levi.
      «tab»Levi's family grew rapidly into one of the twelve tribes of Israel (Jacob); Levi died at the age of 137.
      «tab»The tribe of Levi was the only tribe in Egypt to be free of slavery since when the Egyptians asked the Hebrews to work for them ( before the labor was forced on them) the Levites said that they were to busy judging the rest of the tribes, and as a result, were ignored by the Egyptians.
      «tab»In the later kingdom of Israel, Levi's tribe, the Levites, were set aside for tabernacle and temple service, an office they fulfilled for millennia.
      «tab»In the «u»Blessing of Moses «/u», Levi and his tribe are referred to as being particularly «u»pious «/u», with some events of the life of «u»Moses «/u» (a Levite) given as examples («u»Deuteronomy 33:8-11 «/u»).
      «tab»God told the later prophet «u»Malachi «/u» that he had made a covenant to give life and peace to Levi, and that Levi revered «u»Yahweh «/u», was in awe of the «u»Tetragrammaton «/u», instructed truly, «u»upheld peace «/u» and «u»morality «/u», and turned many people from sin («u»Malachi 2:4-6 «/u»).
    • (Research):
    Person ID I61493  Glenn Cook Family
    Last Modified 2 May 2015 

    Father Jacob (Isreal) Ben Abraham, King of Goshen,   b. Abt 1892 B.C., Haran Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Abt 1745 B.C., Egypt Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Mother Leah (Lia) bint Laban,   b. Paddan Aram Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Canaan Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Family ID F1799  Group Sheet

    Family Adinah bint Jobab,   d. Yes, date unknown 
     1. Gershon ben Levi,   d. Yes, date unknown
     2. Kohath,   d. Yes, date unknown
     3. Merari,   d. Yes, date unknown
     4. Barayah (bas Jacob ?),   d. Yes, date unknown
    Last Modified 2 May 2015 
    Family ID F551617663  Group Sheet

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