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Dan Ben Jacob

Dan Ben Jacob

Male - Yes, date unknown

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  • Name Dan Ben Jacob  
    Gender Male 
    Died Yes, date unknown 
    • «b»

      Dan«/b» («u»Hebrew «/u»: , «u»Standard «/u» Dan «u»Tiberian «/u» D "judgement" or "he judged") was, according to the «u»Book of Genesis «/u», a son of «u»Jacob «/u» and «u»Bilhah «/u» (the first son of Bilhah, but the fifth son of Jacob), and the founder of the «u»Israelite Tribe «/u» of «u»Dan «/u». In the biblical account, Dan's mother is only a «i»handmaid«/i», rather than a wife of Jacob..
      The text of the «u»Torah «/u» explains that the name of «i»Dan«/i» derives from «i»dananni«/i», meaning «i»he has judged me«/i», in reference to Rachel's belief that she had gained a child as the result of a judgment from «u»God «/u». Apart from the view among modern scholars that the name «i»Dan«/i» originates from «i»Denyen«/i», a number of scholars have suggested that, like «u»«i»Gad «/u»«/i» deriving from «u»«i»Gad «/u»«/i» and «u»«i»Asher «/u»«/i» deriving from «u»«i»Assur «/u»«/i», «i»Dan«/i» derives from the name of a deity that was originally worshipped by the tribe«u»[2]«/u»; according to this view, the name «i»Daniel«/i» is interpreted as meaning «i»Dan is «u»El «/u»«/i», rather than meaning «i»El is my judge«/i» or «i»God is my judge«/i».
      Owing to the «u»Book of Judges «/u», in the account of «u»Micah's Idol «/u», describing the tribe of Dan as having used «u»ephod «/u» and «u»teraphim «/u» in worship, and «u»Samson «/u» (a member of the tribe of Dan) being described as failing to adhere to the rules of a «u»Nazarite «/u», classical rabbinical writers concluded that Dan was very much a «u»«i»black sheep «/u»«/i»; in the «u»Book of Jeremiah «/u», the north of Canaan is associated with darkness and evil, and so rabbinical sources treated Dan as the «u»archetype «/u» of wickedness. In the «u»apocryphal «/u» «u»Testaments of the Patriarchs «/u», Dan is portrayed as having hated «u»Joseph «/u», and having been the one that invented the idea of deceiving Jacob by the smearing of Joseph's coat with the blood of a kid; in the apocryphal «u»Prayer of Asenath «/u», Dan is portrayed as plotting with the Egyptian crown prince, against Joseph and «u»Asenath «/u». In the «u»Blessing of Jacob «/u», Dan is described as a «u»«i»serpent «/u»«/i», which seems to have been interpreted as connecting Dan to «u»Belial «/u», a connection made, for example, in the apocryphal «u»Testament of Dan «/u»; early Christian writers, such as «u»Irenaeus «/u» and «u»Hippolytus «/u», even believed that the «u»Antichrist «/u» would come from the tribe of Dan, drawing the belief from a verse from the Book of Jeremiah which states «i»the snorting of [the enemy's] horses was heard from Dan«/i».
      «u»John the apostle «/u» omits the tribe of Dan when mentioning the 12 tribes of the sons of Israel, in regard to the «u»144,000 «/u» sealed saints. Perhaps this is a testimony of the unworthiness of Dan. Instead of Dan, the tribe of Joseph appears twice.
    • (Research):

      (9th son); cursed; poss. eponym of DANAIOI

      Note: 'Why did Dan remain in ships?' (Judges 5:17) The idea that Danaus son of Belus is same as Dan son of Bilhal was advanced by many classical writers. Thanks to Dim I Nticoudis for calling my attention to this. The details are unclear; in Yadin's theory the Danites migrated from Egypt to Greece, later joined the Sea-peoples, later joined the Israels with their warrior skills commemorated in the legends of Samson.
      Born: Paddanaram
    Person ID I61506  Glenn Cook Family
    Last Modified 29 Jul 2015 

    Father Jacob (Isreal) Ben Abraham, King of Goshen,   b. Abt 1892 B.C., Haran Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Abt 1745 B.C., Egypt Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Mother Bilhah, the Handmaid,   d. Yes, date unknown 
    Family ID F551617665  Group Sheet

     1. (NN) of the Danaans (Sea People),   d. Yes, date unknown
    Last Modified 29 Jul 2015 
    Family ID F551619641  Group Sheet

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