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Male - Yes, date unknown

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  • Name Asher  
    Gender Male 
    Died Yes, date unknown 
    • «b»

      «/b»«i»Asher'«/i» («u»Hebrew «/u»: , «u»Modern «/u» «i»Ašer«/i» «u»Tiberian «/u» «i»«/i»), was, according to the «u»Book of Genesis «/u», the eighth son of «u»Jacob «/u» and «u»Zilpah «/u», and the founder of the «u»Israelite Tribe «/u» of «u»Asher «/u»; however some «u»Biblical scholars «/u» view this as postdiction, an «u»eponymous «/u» «u»metaphor «/u» providing an «u»aetiology «/u» of the connectedness of the tribe to others in the Israelite confederation. The text of the «u»Torah «/u» argues that the name of «i»Asher«/i» means «i»happy«/i»/«i»blessing«/i», implying a derivation from the «u»Hebrew «/u» term «i»osher«/i» (with the same meaning); the Torah actually presents this in two variations - «i»beoshri«/i» (meaning «i»in my good fortune«/i»), and «i»ishsheruni«/i», which «u»textual scholars «/u» attribute to different sources - one to the «u»Yahwist «/u» and the other to the «u»Elohist «/u». Many scholars suspect that the name of «i»Asher«/i» may have more to do with a deity originally worshipped by the tribe, either «u»Asherah «/u», or «u»Ashur «/u», the chief «u»Assyrian «/u» deity; the latter possibility is «u»cognate «/u» with Asher.
      In the Biblical account, Asher's mother is only a «i»handmaid«/i», rather than a wife of Jacob, which scholars see as indicating that the authors saw the tribe of Asher as being not of entirely Israelite origin; scholars believe that Asher consisted of certain clans affiliated with portions of the Israelite tribal confederation, but which were never incorporated into the «u»body politic «/u». A number of scholars have proposed that the tribe of Asher actually originated as the «u»Weshesh «/u» group of «u»Sea Peoples «/u» - the name «i»Weshesh«/i» (or rather «i»Uashesh«/i»/«i»Ueshesh«/i» - for easy pronunciation, this is usually «u»transcribed into English «/u» as «i»Weshesh«/i») can be decomposed as «i»men of Uash«/i» in «u»Hebrew «/u», and hence possibly a corruption of «i»Asher«/i».
      The Torah states that Asher had four sons and one daughter, who were born in Canaan and migrated with him to «u»Egypt [8]«/u», with their descendants remaining there until «u»the Exodus «/u»; this seems to be partly contradicted by Egyptian records, according to which a group named «i»Aseru«/i», a name from which Asher is probably derived, were, in the 14th century BC, living in a similar region to Asher's traditional territory, in Canaan. Asher's daughter is name by the Torah as «u»«i»Serach «/u»«/i» (the only granddaughter of Jacob named by the Torah[«u»«i»citation needed «/u»«/i»]), but her mother is not named; according to «u»classical rabbinical literature «/u», Serach's mother was named «i»Hadurah«/i», and was a descendant of «u»Eber «/u», but although Hadurah was a wife of Asher, it was her second marriage, and Serach's father was actually Hadurah's first husband, who had died. In «u»classical rabbinical literature «/u», Hadurah's marriage to Asher was his second marriage as well, his first having been to «i»Adon«/i», who was a descendant of «u»Ishmael «/u»;«u» «/u»the «u»Book of Jubilees «/u» contradicts this, arguing instead that Asher's wife was named «i»Lyon«/i» (which probably means «i»dove«/i»).
      According to classical rabbinical literature, Asher had informed his brothers about «u»Reuben «/u»'s «u»incest «/u» with «u»Bilhah «/u», and as a result Asher came to be on bad terms with his brothers, though once Reuben confessed, the brothers realised they had been unjust towards Asher; Asher's motivation is described, by classical rabbinical sources, as being entirely innocent of evil intent, and always in search of harmony between his brothers.
    Person ID I61509  Glenn Cook Family
    Last Modified 3 Dec 2009 

    Father Jacob (Isreal) Ben Abraham, King of Goshen,   b. Abt 1892 B.C., Haran Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Abt 1745 B.C., Egypt Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Mother Zilpah,   d. Yes, date unknown 
    Family ID F551617666  Group Sheet

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