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Seti, commander

Male - Yes, date unknown

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  • Name Seti  
    Suffix commander 
    Gender Male 
    Died Yes, date unknown 
    • «b»

      «/b»Seti (Setymeramen)

      (a military commander); aka Baenre Merynetjeru Merneptah Hetephermaat Ramessid ?


      Seti«/b» or «b»Suti«/b» was an «u»ancient Egyptian «/u» soldier during the late «u»18th dynasty «/u» («u»14th century BCE «/u»), the commander of the army, later mentioned as «u»vizier «/u» on monuments of his son, Pharaoh «u»Ramesses I «/u».«u»[1]
      Seti, the forefather of the «u»19th dynasty «/u» was from a military family in the Delta. According to one theory he is identical with a royal envoy mentioned in the «u»Amarna letters «/u» as «i»Shuta.«u»«/i»[1]«/u» His brother Khaemwaset is probably identical with the Royal Fanbearer and Chief of the Bowmen of Kush Khaemwaset, who is mentioned on a statue dating to «u»Tutankhamen «/u»'s reign. Khaemwaset's wife Taemwadjsy was mistress of the Harem of Amun and is probably the same Taemwadjsy who was sister to Huy, Viceroy of Kush.«u»[2]«/u» So Seti was the member of a very prominent family, and after his son Paramessu (Ramesses I) was chosen by Pharaoh «u»Horemheb «/u» as his successor, Seti's descendants went on to form one of the most powerful dynasties of Egypt.

      A fragment of a votive stela of his is now in the Oriental Institute in «u»Chicago «/u». This fragment is 115 cm wide and 65-70 cm high, its upper part depicts a sitting male and female figure, but only the feet remained intact. Its lower part shows three persons in clothing influenced by Amarna-style, flanked by Khaemwaset and Ramesses, who is named Ramose here. The stela's inscription is: "an offering to the «i»ka«/i» of Osiris-Suti, Commander of the Troops of the Lord of the Two Lands".«u»[2]

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      «b»2.«/b» ^ «u»«sup»«b»«i»a«/u»«/sup»«/b»«/i» «u»«sup»«b»«i»b«/u»«/sup»«/b»«/i» Eugene Cruz-Uribe: The Father of Ramses I: OI 11456 (JNES 37, no. 3, 1978)
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     1. Ramses I, PHARAOH of EGYPT,   d. Yes, date unknown
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