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North Carolina, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  Abt 1775North Carolina, USA I26823
2 Louisa R  Apr 1846North Carolina, USA I27633
3 Brotherton, Susan  1806North Carolina, USA I27101
4 Bryson, Cynthia  1806North Carolina, USA I26712
5 Bryson, Samuel Decatur  1794North Carolina, USA I26362
6 Caler, Eve  1804North Carolina, USA I26358
7 Campbell, Noah Alford  16 Sep 1844North Carolina, USA I27155
8 Carson, Sam Pearson  1805North Carolina, USA I26602
9 Clanton, Martha (Polly)  1787North Carolina, USA I26830
10 Correll, Margaret  9 Dec 1813North Carolina, USA I27200
11 Hammon, Margaret  1759North Carolina, USA I26563
12 Hickey, Caroline  1823North Carolina, USA I26393
13 Hickey, Robert C.  1826North Carolina, USA I26397
14 Hickey, Samuel B.  1827North Carolina, USA I26443
15 Jessup, Mary  North Carolina, USA I1858
16 Johnson, William  1827North Carolina, USA I27249
17 Morrow, James K.  10 Feb 1837North Carolina, USA I26497
18 Morrow, Sarah C.  7 Jun 1830North Carolina, USA I27598
19 Mostaller, Susan Adabelle  20 Oct 1881North Carolina, USA I31168
20 Nicholson, Mary M.  1799North Carolina, USA I26619
21 Palmer, Sally  1813North Carolina, USA I27326
22 Parker, Benjamin  Abt 1840North Carolina, USA I26639
23 Parker, Mary A.  27 Nov 1841North Carolina, USA I26611
24 Parker, Pearl  18 May 1898North Carolina, USA I27316
25 Parker, William T.  Abt 1817North Carolina, USA I26636
26 Parlier, Nancy C.  1841North Carolina, USA I27137
27 Perry, Luke  1794North Carolina, USA I65031
28 Queen, Alfred  1810North Carolina, USA I26519
29 Queen, Alfred (Alford)  1808North Carolina, USA I27100
30 Queen, Alomedia G. (Mead)  Mar 1880North Carolina, USA I26918
31 Queen, Americus H.  28 May 1820North Carolina, USA I26679
32 Queen, Belo Hose  7 Jul 1917North Carolina, USA I26941
33 Queen, Rev. Benjamin Nicholson  6 May 1831North Carolina, USA I26821
34 Queen, Boyd S.  14 Jul 1906North Carolina, USA I27116
35 Queen, Carolina  1838North Carolina, USA I27102
36 Queen, Caty  1777North Carolina, USA I28958
37 Queen, David  1787North Carolina, USA I26568
38 Queen, Dora Belle  17 Feb 1909North Carolina, USA I27560
39 Queen, Elias Butler  15 Feb 1821North Carolina, USA I28983
40 Queen, Ella  Jul 1866North Carolina, USA I27634
41 Queen, Ellen Kizzie  1857North Carolina, USA I27601
42 Queen, Francis  1751North Carolina, USA I26562
43 Queen, Frank Joseph  2 Feb 1907North Carolina, USA I27558
44 Queen, Hampton  1796North Carolina, USA I28997
45 Queen, Hazel Jane  1868North Carolina, USA I27247
46 Queen, Hugh Caloway  1840North Carolina, USA I27103
47 Queen, James  1774North Carolina, USA I26564
48 Queen, Jane  1775North Carolina, USA I28956
49 Queen, Jane  1807North Carolina, USA I26884
50 Queen, Jessie Louise  11 Dec 1913North Carolina, USA I27563

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anna Marie  18 Aug 1938North Carolina, USA I62609
2 Athon, Nancy  Aft 1870North Carolina, USA I65213
3 Athon, Winny  Aft 1870North Carolina, USA I65222
4 Mabie, Patricia  18 Jan 2005North Carolina, USA I39324
5 Millsaps, Nancy  13 Jun 1917North Carolina, USA I27107
6 Parker, Pearl  31 May 1961North Carolina, USA I27316
7 Queen, Christopher Parks  25 Sep 1917North Carolina, USA I26898
8 Queen, Harmon  Bef 1850North Carolina, USA I27235
9 Queen, Jesse  27 Oct 1869North Carolina, USA I27106
10 Queen, Jessie Louise  1926North Carolina, USA I27563
11 Queen, William Fowler  1907North Carolina, USA I27557


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Campbell / Queen  Abt 1842North Carolina, USA F12441
2 Queen / Parlier  7 Dec 1865North Carolina, USA F12435