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Raby, Durham, England



Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Neville, William 1st Earl of Kent  Abt 1409Raby, Durham, England I2991
2 Neville, William  Abt 1338Raby, Durham, England I40366
3 Neville, Thomas of Furnivale 6th Baron of Furnivall  Between 1362 and 1367Raby, Durham, England I2977
4 Neville, Thomas Baron of St. Maur and Lovel  Abt 1403Raby, Durham, England I2988
5 Neville, Robert Bishop of Salisbury and Durham  Abt 1408Raby, Durham, England I2987
6 Neville, Richard  Abt 1436Raby, Durham, England I59011
7 Neville, Richard 1st Earl Salisbury  Abt 1400Raby, Durham, England I2352
8 Neville, Sir Ralph Sir Knight  Abt 1392Raby, Durham, England I3005
9 Neville, Phillippa Baroness Dacre of Gillesland  Abt 1386Raby, Durham, England I3002
10 Neville, George 2nd Lord Abergavenny  1440Raby, Durham, England I17763
11 Neville, George 1st Baron of Latimer  Abt 1414Raby, Durham, England I2992
12 Neville, Eleanor Countess of Northumberland  Bef 1405Raby, Durham, England I2985
13 Neville, Eleanor Baroness Lumley  Abt 1360Raby, Durham, England I2976
14 Neville, Eleanor Abbess of Minories  Abt 1340Raby, Durham, England I3530
15 Neville, Lord Edward 1st Baron of Abergavenny  Between 1412 and 1417Raby, Durham, England I2986
16 Neville, Cecily  Abt 1493Raby, Durham, England I3149
17 Neville, Lady Cecily Duchess of York  3 May 1415Raby, Durham, England I2995
18 Neville, Catherine Duchess of Norfolk  Abt 1401Raby, Durham, England I3000
19 Neville, Catherine Baroness Dacre of Gillesland  Abt 1330Raby, Durham, England I17586
20 Neville, Anne  Abt 1500Raby, Durham, England I3192
21 Neville, Anne  Abt 1394Raby, Durham, England I3001
22 Neville, Alice  Abt 1434Raby, Durham, England I29669
23 Neville, Alice  Abt 1384Raby, Durham, England I2982
24 Neville, Alice Baroness Deincourt  Abt 1358Raby, Durham, England I2975
25 Neville, Alexander Archbishop of York  Abt 1341Raby, Durham, England I40371
26 FitzUchtred, Dolfin of Raby  Abt 1100Raby, Durham, England I9149
27 FitzMaldred, Uchtred  Abt 1075Raby, Durham, England I9331
28 FitzDolfin, Maldred of Raby  Abt 1135Raby, Durham, England I8974
29 de Neville, Sir Robert of Middleham Knight  Abt 1287Raby, Durham, England I3336
30 de Neville, Robert  Abt 1240Raby, Durham, England I3337
31 de Neville, Margaret Baroness Scrope of Bolton  Abt 1398Raby, Durham, England I3006
32 de Neville, Margaret Baroness of Ros  12 Feb 1329Raby, Durham, England I3318
33 de Neville, John 3rd Baron Neville of Raby  Between 1322 and 1328Raby, Durham, England I2963
34 de Neville, Isabel  Abt 1344Raby, Durham, England I3333
35 de Neville, Gilbert  1118Raby, Durham, England I8100
36 de Neville, Geoffrey  Abt 1150Raby, Durham, England I7960
37 de Neville, Avelina  Abt 1307Raby, Durham, England I45698
38 de Neville, Anastasia  Abt 1285Raby, Durham, England I45687
39 de Neville, Sir Alexander  Abt 1356Raby, Durham, England I19430


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Neville, Anne Duchess of Buckingham  20 Sep 1480Raby, Durham, England I2994
2 FitzHugh, Maud (Matilda)  Bef 30 May 1467Raby, Durham, England I7312
3 de Neville, Robert  6 Jun 1271Raby, Durham, England I3337


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Tiptoft / Neville  3 Apr 1449Raby, Durham, England F8253
2 Strangeways / Neville  Abt Oct 1423Raby, Durham, England F849
3 Stafford / Neville  Bef 18 Oct 1424Raby, Durham, England F846
4 Scrope / Neville  1360Raby, Durham, England F1000
5 Mowbray / Neville  12 Jan 1412Raby, Durham, England F848
6 Lumley / Neville  Bef 1378Raby, Durham, England F9086
7 le Scrope / de Neville  Bef 31 Dec 1413Raby, Durham, England F834
8 Grey / Neville  4 Feb 1460Raby, Durham, England F551616081
9 Deincourt / Neville  Bef 1380Raby, Durham, England F8356
10 de Ros / de Neville  Bef 8 May 1341Raby, Durham, England F940
11 de Neville / Tailboys  Aft 1256Raby, Durham, England F944
12 de Neville / Latimer  Bef 9 Oct 1381Raby, Durham, England F9110
13 de Neville /   Abt 1318Raby, Durham, England F551610770
14 Dacre / Neville  Abt 1344Raby, Durham, England F8385
15 Cressener / de Neville  Bef 5 Nov 1427Raby, Durham, England F835
16 Conyers / Neville  6 Feb 1498Raby, Durham, England F867
17 Clifford / de Neville  Apr 1343Raby, Durham, England F5856
18 Blount / Neville  25 Nov 1467Raby, Durham, England F847