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Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clifford, Catherine Baroness Greystoke of Greystoke  1369Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I19427
2 FitzHenry, Hugh of Ravensworth  Abt 1240Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I18032
3 FitzHervey, Henry of Ravensworth  Abt 1167Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I18039
4 FitzHugh, Agnes  Abt 1453Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I40031
5 FitzHugh, Eleanor Baroness Darcy of Knaith  Between 1394 and 1400Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I29670
6 FitzHugh, Eleanor Baroness Dacre of Gillesland  Abt 1416Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I40011
7 FitzHugh, Elizabeth  Abt Oct 1400Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I7314
8 FitzHugh, Elizabeth Baroness Greystoke of Greystoke  Abt 1419Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I7309
9 FitzHugh, Elizabeth Baron Vaux of Harrowden  Abt 1455Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I19374
10 FitzHugh, George  1463Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I45188
11 FitzHugh, Henry 1st Baron Fitzhugh of Ravensworth  Abt 1296Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I3526
12 FitzHugh, Sir Henry of Ravensworth  Abt 1266Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I18031
13 FitzHugh, John  Abt 1268Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I27799
14 FitzHugh, Margery  1455Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I40030
15 FitzHugh, Maud  Abt 1428Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I19512
16 FitzHugh, Maud (Matilda)  1391Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I7312
17 FitzHugh, William 4th Baron Fitzhugh of Ravensworth  Abt 1398Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I7310
18 FitzRandolph, Henry of Ravensworth  1210Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I18035
19 Grey, Sir Robert Knight  Abt 1345Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I17257
20 Greystoke, Elizabeth  Abt 1398Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I40355
21 Greystoke, Maude Baroness Welles  Abt 1340Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I13799
22 Parr, Mabel Baroness Dacre of the North  Abt 1441Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I40004


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 FitzHugh, Henry 3rd Baron Fitzhugh of Ravensworth  11 Jan 1425Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I3523


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Greystoke, Ralph 5th Baron Greystoke of Greystoke  Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England I13800


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 de Clifford / de Beauchamp  Abt 1356Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England F6164
2 de Fiennes / FitzHugh  19 Nov 1466Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England F409
3 Eure / FitzHugh  Abt 25 Jan 1410Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England F2851
4 FitzHenry / Scrope  Sep 1350Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England F997
5 FitzHugh / Neville  Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England F513
6 FitzHugh / Willoughby  Bef 18 Nov 1416Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England F2853