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Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alimer King of the Heruli  0079 B.C.Germany I61874
2 Anavas King of the Heruli  112 B.C.Germany I61876
3 Anthyrius I 1St King of the Heruli  149 B.C.Germany I61878
4 Anthyrius II King of the Heruli  0049 B.C.Germany I61872
5 Brithya (Drithva) of the Heruli  0099 B.C.Germany I61877
6 Dagobert I Duke of East Franks  Germany I10830
7 Ida of the Isles of Rugen  0069 B.C.Germany I61875
8 Huber  Germany I62456
9 Kuehne, Emma  Germany I1818
10 Jute of Jutland  0020Germany I61871
11 Vislaus King of the Heruli  0041Germany I61868
12 Vitislaus King of the Heruli  0086Germany I61866
13 Alaric King of the Heruli  126Germany I61864
14 Bela of Koln  130Germany I61865
15 Dietric King of the Heruli  160Germany I61862
16 Teneric King of the Heruli  200Germany I61860
17 Alberic I King of the Heruli  235Germany I61859
18 Genebald I Duke of East Franks  Abt 262Germany I10831
19 Richimer II  Abt 299Germany I61268
20 Dagobert II Duke of East Franks  Abt 300Germany I10832
21 Theodomir I  Abt 315Germany I61269
22 Clodius I Duke of East Frank  Abt 324Germany I10833
23 Dagobert Duke of East Franks  Abt 347Germany I61271
24 Marcomir Duke of Franks  Abt 347Germany I10834
25 Hermeric of the Suevi King of Galicia  360Germany I61275
26 Ermengarde  855Germany I5737
27 Regerlinde (or Reginharde) of Nellenburg  Abt 889Germany I60489
28 Godeschalk Count von Z├╝tphen  Abt 1030Germany I48949
29 Clingaman, Cornelius /Klingaman  Between 1750 and 1760Germany I7474
30 Beehler, John Philip  1791Germany I1260
31 Grabach, Augustus  1818Germany I21557
32 Lambert, John  1837Germany I37628
33 Aker, John M.  13 Sep 1840Germany I66092
34 Myers, Mary L.  Sep 1843Germany I24482
35 Jennie E  Jul 1846Germany I24316
36 Evert, Charles F.  12 Dec 1864Germany I33638
37 Kane, Albert C.  Between 1867 and 1868Germany I30930
38 Hesch, Katherine  29 Nov 1868Germany I22692
39 Mary M.  Between 1879 and 1880Germany I23581
40 Chute, Mary Dorothea  Oct 1970Germany I62442
41 Chute, William (Bill) Clarence  2 Dec 1970Germany I62446


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alphia of the Visigoths  425Germany I61276
2 Eadgyth (Edith)  26 Jan 946Germany I4714
3 Beatrice of Sicily  1365Germany I61972
4 Sandys, James  1557Germany I43531


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Sandys / Sandys  Bef 1553Germany F551609854
2 Hess / Best  1739Germany F11885