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Westminster Abbey, London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
51 O'Brien, Henry Lord Ibracken  9 Sep 1678Westminster Abbey, London, England I47233
52 O'Brien, Mary  Westminster Abbey, London, England I47232
53 Ogle, Jane Countess Shrewsbury  7 Jan 1626Westminster Abbey, London, England I45390
54 Oldenburg, Anne of Denmark  Westminster Abbey, London, England I29108
55 Oldenburg, Anne Sophia  Westminster Abbey, London, England I40964
56 Oldenburg, Child  Westminster Abbey, London, England I40965
57 Oldenburg, Daughter  Westminster Abbey, London, England I40962
58 Oldenburg, Daughter  Westminster Abbey, London, England I40971
59 Oldenburg, Daughter  Westminster Abbey, London, England I40978
60 Oldenburg, George  Westminster Abbey, London, England I40970
61 Oldenburg, George of Denmark Prince of Denmark  Westminster Abbey, London, England I40756
62 Oldenburg, Mary  Westminster Abbey, London, England I40963
63 Oldenburg, Mary  Westminster Abbey, London, England I40969
64 Oldenburg, Son  22 Oct 1687Westminster Abbey, London, England I40966
65 Plantagenet, Catherine (Katherine) a Mute  Westminster Abbey, London, England I4302
66 Plantagenet, Edmund of Woodstock 1st Earl of Kent  Westminster Abbey, London, England I4238
67 Plantagenet, Edward I Longshanks King of England  Westminster Abbey, London, England I2558
68 Plantagenet, Edward III King of England  Westminster Abbey, London, England I2367
69 Plantagenet, Edward V King of England  1678Westminster Abbey, London, England I3107
70 Plantagenet, Princess Eleanor Queen of Aragon  Westminster Abbey, London, England I11310
71 Plantagenet, Henry  Westminster Abbey, London, England I4304
72 Plantagenet, Henry V King of England  Westminster Abbey, London, England I11941
73 Plantagenet, John  Westminster Abbey, London, England I4301
74 Plantagenet, Margaret  Westminster Abbey, London, England I3111
75 Plantagenet, Oliver  Westminster Abbey, London, England I4329
76 Plantagenet, Richard  Westminster Abbey, London, England I4300
77 Plantagenet, Richard Duke of York  1674Westminster Abbey, London, England I3108
78 Plantagenet, Richard II King of England  1413Westminster Abbey, London, England I4231
79 Preston, Elizabeth Baroness Dingwall  24 Jul 1684Westminster Abbey, London, England I14697
80 Ramsay, Bridget  14 Sep 1621Westminster Abbey, London, England I58273
81 Ramsay, Charles Lord Kingston  25 Mar 1621Westminster Abbey, London, England I58272
82 Ramsay, James Lord Viscount Haddington  28 Feb 1617Westminster Abbey, London, England I58271
83 Ramsay, John 1st Earl of Holdernesse  28 Feb 1625Westminster Abbey, London, England I58269
84 Seymour, Algernon 7th Duke of Somerset  24 Feb 1750Westminster Abbey, London, England I58940
85 Somerset, Mary Lady of the Bedchamber  25 Nov 1733Westminster Abbey, London, England I15886
86 St. John, Anne Baroness Howard of Effingham  8 Jun 1638Westminster Abbey, London, England I42995
87 Stafford, Mary Countess Stafford  Westminster Abbey, London, England I43106
88 Stanhope, Anne  Westminster Abbey, London, England I13215
89 Stanley, Anne  15 Feb 1657Westminster Abbey, London, England I2678
90 Stuart, Anne  Westminster Abbey, London, England I29404
91 Stuart, Anne Queen of Britain  Westminster Abbey, London, England I40755
92 Stuart, Lady Arabella  28 Sep 1615Westminster Abbey, London, England I47242
93 Stuart, Catherine  Westminster Abbey, London, England I29405
94 Stuart, Charles 5th Earl Lennox  Westminster Abbey, London, England I47240
95 Stuart, Charles II King of Britain  Westminster Abbey, London, England I16538
96 Stuart, Charles James Duke of Cornwall  Westminster Abbey, London, England I29392
97 Stuart, Charles of Cambridge Duke of Cambridge  Westminster Abbey, London, England I40750
98 Stuart, Elizabeth "The Winter Queen" Queen of Bohemia  Westminster Abbey, London, England I29107
99 Stuart, Esmé 3rd Duke of Lennox  6 Aug 1624Westminster Abbey, London, England I16740
100 Stuart, Henry Frederick Prince of Wales  Westminster Abbey, London, England I29145

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