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Morgan Katheryne Gangloff


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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Morgan Katheryne Gangloff (daughter of Robert Harold Lee Gangloff and Paula Ann Andrews).

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Robert Harold Lee Gangloff (son of Robert Gordon Gangloff and Doreen Daisy Malmstrom).

    Robert — Paula Ann Andrews. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Paula Ann Andrews
    1. Bradley Robert Gangloff
    2. 1. Morgan Katheryne Gangloff

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Robert Gordon Gangloff was born 17 Oct 1928, Kenora, Ontario, Canada; died 5 Oct 2002, Embryo Lake, Red Lake, Ontario, Canada; was buried 10 Oct 2002, Cremated.

    Other Events:

    • Name: Sonny Gangloff


    We called him Uncle Bob, he was the best Uncle in the world..... I still h ave a hard time with his passing. Because we were such a close family, wh en we were kids - on the weekends three or four of the "Gangloff" kids wou ld sleep over at our house, & some of us "Lindquist" kids would sleep ov er at Gangloff's house. Uncle always would come tuck us in & say "Doree n, it's our spare kids again!!!" He loved to laugh & tease. Uncle B ob & my Dad (Joe) were best friends.
    Uncle Bob loved the outdoors: fishing or hunting when ever he could, & wh en he passed away he was on a hunting trip with his son Ron. Ron liv es in Red Lake, Ontario - Ron & Joyce own a restaurant, & Ron is a bush pi lot. He works part time flying tourist to the fishing/hunting camps.
    Anyway Uncle Bob, Ron & Ron's son Jonathan went hunting to a fly in ca mp on Embryo Lake, they got dropped off by another pilot, I think that w as on the Friday, then they hunted on Saturday, went back to camp, Uncle l aid down for his "nap" before supper, when Ron went to wake him up for sup per, he had died in his sleep. Ron thought it was a heart attack...I ha ve never asked Aunty Doreen. Poor Ron & Jonathan had to spend the nig ht in camp with Uncle, then they had to "walk out" to the next camp in t he morning to got help, Ron told me it was a 2 or 3 hour walk.

    Now Aunty Doreen, you would just love her. When my Mom died, she just to ld "us' girls, that she would be our Mom, & she excepts us to tell her eve rything. If we have a problem, she wants to know about, & lord he lp us if we don't. I was so worried about her, when Uncle Bob died ... th ey had been married 52 years when he died.... but she is so strong wille d. She told me that knowing Uncle died doing something that he loved, w as her comfort.

    Robert — Doreen Daisy Malmstrom. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Doreen Daisy Malmstrom (daughter of Knut Robert Malmstrom and Bertha Mae Cook).
    1. Leslie Jo-Ann Gangloff
    2. Lois Virginia Gangloff
    3. Jeanne Dale Gangloff
    4. Ronald Bruce Gangloff
    5. 2. Robert Harold Lee Gangloff
    6. Valerie Dianne Gangloff

Generation: 4

  1. 10.  Knut Robert Malmstrom was born 16 Oct 1899, Tyndall, Manitoba, Canada (son of Peter Malmstrom and Mathilda Olson); died 29 Mar 1977, Dryden, Ontario, Canada; was buried 2 Apr 1977, Vermilion Bay Cemetery, Vermilion Bay, Ontario, Canada.

    Other Events:

    • Name: Bob Malmstrom


    (Tyndall Manitoba & Garson Manitoba are only 1/2 mile apart. Tynda ll is on the north side of the highway, Garson is on the south side of t he highway, they are "world" famous for the GARNITE ROCK - beauiful pi nk or white stone)

    To me my Grandparents were the very very best of people. They loved "al l" us grandkids, but seem to make each one of us feel we were their favori te.
    My Aunt's Doreen & Joey (Jo-Ann) are so like them, & they are the only t wo left of Grandma & Grandpa's family.
    We all grow up in Vermilion Bay, just a small town of about 400 peopl e, so we were a very close family. Each holiday we were at someone's hou se for the big "dinner". Aunt Joey lived in Dryden after she was marrie d, which is only 30 miles from Vermilion Bay, so we would spent lots of ti me with her too.

    My Grandparents lived in Garson, Man., until Aunty Doreen was about 11 yea rs olds.
    Grandpa owed & operated a garage. He was a very gifted mechanic & was alwa ys tinkering with small motors. From Garson they moved to Vermilion Bay, w ere Grandpa again had a garage, but in his later life he started the BAY T AXI service, I think he had it for about 9 or 10 years, before he sold i t. My Mom use to drive taxi for him. Grandma never drove a car at all in h er life that I know of.
    She was short, with the "barrel" figure, she made the most delicious short bread cookies, & if she had to give you a "slap", she would feel so bad, s he would get tears in her eyes.
    Grandpa was a real marshmallow! I can remember that Grandpa never raised h is voice. I have to tell you us "grandkids" were a trial, if one of us we re at Grandma's, them six more of us would show up. Anyway enough of that. .....

    Knut married Bertha Mae Cook 15 Dec 1927, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Bertha (daughter of William Albert Cook and Christina Anderson) was born 1 Jan 1909, Garson, Manitoba, Canada; died 22 Apr 1989, Dryden, Ontario, Canada; was buried 26 Apr 1989, Vermilion Bay Cemetery, Vermilion Bay, Ontario, Canada. [Group Sheet]

  2. 11.  Bertha Mae Cook was born 1 Jan 1909, Garson, Manitoba, Canada (daughter of William Albert Cook and Christina Anderson); died 22 Apr 1989, Dryden, Ontario, Canada; was buried 26 Apr 1989, Vermilion Bay Cemetery, Vermilion Bay, Ontario, Canada.

    Other Events:

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    1. Georgina (Georgie) Matilda Malmstrom was born 23 Apr 1929, On The Malmstrom Homestead In Springfield, Manitoba Just 2 Miles South of Garson; died 13 Sep 1984, Dryden, Ontario, Canada; was buried 24 Sep 1984, Vermilion Bay Cemetery, Vermilion Bay, Ontario, Canada.
    2. 5. Doreen Daisy Malmstrom
    3. Robert Vaughan Malmstrom was born 25 Nov 1935, Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada; died 13 Jan 1993, Dryden, Ontario, Canada; was buried 15 Jan 1993, Vermilion Bay Cemetery, Vermilion Bay, Ontario, Canada.
    4. Jo-Ann Edna Malmstrom