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    January 2022    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Constance M. Butler   Alton S. Snyder   Mary Jane Duncombe   Peter H. Mabie   Fernando de la Cerda, Infant o...   Rachel Russell   William Cecil, 2nd Earl of Exe...   Mary A. Williams   Eudoxia Oldenburg   Elizabeth Manners, Baroness de...   Son Oldenburg   Martha Smith   George W. Mabey, Jr.   Grace E Maeby   Andrew Humphreys   Nellie C. Leete   Benjamin F. Grabach   Mary Maybee   Florence Mabey   Orilla   Jacob Walter Clark   Margaret Mabie   William Irving Gourlay   Charles Middlestetter   Marietta A. Mabie   Hattie A   Florence H Mabie   Mary L. Mabie   Estelle May   Nancy   Willis L. Brown   William Mabie   Edwin King   Catherine Margaret Gorgan   John Moore   Martha F.   Nana Cullison   Amba Cullison   John B. Cullison   Mary B. Kile   Jesse W Zimmerman   Thelma Pocock   Sussanah Hess   Ethel M. Isbell   Sarah Elizabeth Owen   Robert Anderson   Flossie Queen Means   Elizabeth Queen   Laura A. Queen   Mary E. Queen   Hector Queen   William Thomas Reeves   Floyd Queen   William A. Mabey   Daniel E. Mabie   Elsa Mabie   Thomas Maybee   Homer Judson Maybee   Harry Mabee   Frederick Mabie   Maria Maybee   Alfred Mabee   Anna Bell Mabee   Nancy Warrick   Samuel J Maybee   Isaac Mabey   Constance Hughes   Ada R. Mabee   Mary Mabee   Alonzo H. Mabie   William Thomas Mabee   George H. Mabie   Elizabeth Mabie   Esmerelda Maybee   Inez E. Mabie   Emma Alberta Theresa Mabee   Sarah Eliza Maybee   William Albert Harwood   Oscar L. Mabee   Margaret Amanda Mabie   Rupert Maybee   Fernando J Mabee   Frances M Walsh   George W. Maybee   Herbert D Hotaling   Oliver St Clair Mabee   Thelma Mabee   Mary Cooney   Phoebe Bond Welsh   Della Muir   William H Maybee   Rosanna Cook   Alfred Maybee   Maria Evelyn Collins   Laura Ann Loveless   Ida Eness Loveless   John R Maybee   Sarah E. Mabie   Matthew Foster Mabie   Fanny Caroline Gunter   Stephen Bull   Samuel James Maybee   Nancy Maybee   William Wheatley   Sarah Emily Maybee   Mary Maybee   John St. John, 2nd Baron St. J...   Anne Fettiplace   Margaret (Catherine) Tudor   Charlotte Lydia. Barnett   Archie Chute   David Chute   Susanna Chute   William Paul Hill   Jeffery James Harvey Bergeron   Mary Ann (Mollie) Brant   Ann Maria Pocohontas Jackson   Pearle Athy   Iva M Athy   Roscoe Athy   Joseph Churchill   Barbara Anderegg   Henry Edward Guard   Dora Winrotte   Iris Dreibelis   Philip V The Tall If France Ca...   Sancho Garcés, sn de Uncastill...   Ordono II of Leon, King of Leo...   Domnall macAedo O'Néill, King ...   John de Valence   Humphrey Ferrers, High Steward...   Alexander Stewart   Thomas de Manny   Catherine Middleton   James of Exton Harington   Charles Herbert, Lord Herbert ...   Son Oldenburg   Eleanor Scrope   Robert Tyrwhitt   Walter Mabie   Anne Brandon, Baroness Grey of...   Sarah Jane Odims   Ralph Daubeney, 2nd Baron Daub...   Bernice Dickson   Louis Ellery Whipple   Albert A. Mabee   Eva May Mabee   Helen Alen   Eva L. Fern Whiteman   Helen Marie Downs   Lorinda Almeda Benge   Walter George Hiney   Clark Emanuel Diltz   Carlton C. Hess   William Nicholas Reynolds   Frank S Daum   Theodore Drake   Ralph Mabie   Winston T. Maybee   James Guinn Hickey   Mary Ellen Scott   Ruth Fannie Mabee   Yetive Mabee   Robert John Mabee   Oliver Leo Mabee   Clifton Mabie   Joseph Whitmore Maybee   Jesse Clinton Mabie   William Cramer Maybee   Constantious Brockway   William Vandee   Nettie Gosman Mabee   Mary Louisa Wheat   Alice Mabee   Maria Louisa Styles   Harriet Mabee Rice   John Nicholas Van Patten   James Flanagan   Harry Morton Maybee   George Alexander Secord   Donald Munro Secord   Alice Emma Mabie   Isabel Ruthven   Richard Seymour, 6st Baron St....   George Tresham   Constanza de Luna   Ursula Brydges   Jane Yates   Raffe Norwood   Conchobhar macDonnchadha, O'Br...   Kenneth MacKenzie, 4th Earl of...   William O'Brien, 2nd Earl Inch...   John of Starnbrooke Butler   Frances Cavendish   Peter Cheney, Esq.   Earl Erickson Arnold   Cecil Vera Foote   Harold Roy Ledue   Leilah Anderson   Jocelyn Yvonne ("Bonnie") Rans...   Irene Graham Hoggett   Helen Moore   Norman Maxwell Chute   Elizabeth Estelle ("Lizzie") C...   Maria V. Clark   Ura Vernan ("Dottie") Wilson   Glenna Opal Chute   Hiram Frederick Chute   Frank Augustus Chute   Theodoric II, Count of Montbél...   Ellis B. Bramhall   Ranulf le Meschin (the Younger...   Anne Courtenay   Christian Hamilton   Humphey Radcliffe   Elizabeth Sackville, Baroness ...   James Erskine, 6th Earl of Buc...   Marcian, Emperor of the Byzant...   Benjamin Brewster   Mary Anne Mollet   Peter (Pierre) de Lusignan   Thomas Athy   George Washington Athy   Alvin C. Lawver   Richard III of Normandy, 5th D...   Sir John Woodville, Sir Knight...   Baron Ralph de Monthermer, Ear...   Amalric II & I of Jerusalem de...   Henry V of Zelle Longus, Count...   Sir Anthony Browne/Eleanor Oug...   Janus of Cyprus, King of Cypru...   William Cecil, 2nd Earl of Exe...   Delos B. "Doc" Conner/Hazel Ri...   Perkin Warbeck/Catherine Gordo...   John H Keefer/Abigail Hooghtel...   Henry Algernon Percy, 6th Earl...   Robert Sidney, 2nd Earl of Lei...   Gerard III, Count of Guelders/...   Ivan Asen II of Bulgaria, Empe...   Frank Spurgeon Chute/Esther Ja...   Isaac Newton Chute/Florence Gr...   James Albert Chute/Matilda Jan...   Edward Montagu, 2nd Earl of Sa...   Alice Lovell, Baroness Morley/...   John Kennedy, 6th Earl of Cass...