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    April 2023    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Frances Rosella Whiteman   Judson D. Sparks   Floyd T. Sparks   Anne of Gloucester Plantagenet...   Pepin of Italy, King of Italy   Myra   Thomas FitzMaurice FitzGerald,...   Edward Plantagenet   Maurice the Magnanimous de Ber...   Anne de France   George A. Mabie   Arthur (Robert) of Rothesay St...   Henry Beaufort, 3rd Duke Somer...   John Grey, 4th Viscount Lisle   Hattie Van Housen   Amos Leopard   Ross Maybee   Josephine Passieucau   Charles T. Town   Lillie May   Byrde Mabee   Effie M. Milner   Anna   Bessie P Whiteman   Bertha Sawyer   Mary L   Nelson Albert Rowe   Eugene Cory Jordan   Hattie Mabie   Ezilda March   Marquis D. Mackey   Mary F.   Lavilla R. Eltan   Monroe Highway   Frederick Felt   Chester L. Lawson   Nettie F. Mabee   Mary Margaret Coleman   Quinetta Queen   William Queen   Robert (Bob) Queen   Maude Addeline (Addie) Mayberr...   John Edward Queen   Sarah Frances Queen   William Queen   Louisa R   James D Queen   Arvilla A.   Rachel J Jones   Mendora Mabey   Simon Mabee   Jeremiah Maeby   Sarah Louise Knox   Elizabeth Mabee   Mary Ellen Drew   Nora Mabee   Sarah A. Tucke   Jacques Jacobus Peek   Benjamin Mabey   James Hollinghead   Lucy Jane   Fred L. Mabie   George Washington Maybee   Myrtle Mabie   John W Mabee   Stephen Maybee   Alanson Mabie   George Schirmer   Raymond Langdon Mabie   John C. Mabie   Eleanor Ryerson Maybee   James H Mabee   Maitland Mabee   Mary E Mabie   Alpha L. Maybee   William H. Mabee   Peter W. Maybee   Horace Mabee   Benjamin Mabie   Carrie M. Palmer   Francis P Hotaling   Marion C Hotaling   Fay F. Maybee   Arthur Cooney   Hetta Shock   William S. Mabee   Adolphus C. Mabie   Matilda H. Bechtel   Sarah Colwell   Ellen J. Mapes   Gordon Montague Mabie   Harvey Spencer Youmans   Child Stuart   child Romanov   Thomas de Grey   Percy Evans-Freke   Albert 'Bertie' Cochran Smith   Melba Blunt   Alfred Anderson   Elizabeth Chute   Richard Lennard, XIII Baron D...   Hannah Chute   Thomas Leach   John Y Athey   Daughter Athy   Walter Athy   Epeli Naganilau Tainawai Vuiya...   Isabella of Gloucester Plantag...   Richard L. Lederer   Rhys ap Tewdwr Mawr, Prince of...   Adela of Flanders   Eleanor Lucille (Lucy, Lucind...   Ernulph de Mandeville   Edward Plantagenet   Henry, Holy Roman Emperor   Emilie   Richard Mabie, Jr   Henry Seymour, 1st Bt of Langl...   Charles Howard, 2nd Earl of Be...   Robert Molesworth   Isabella   Mary Brereton   James of Rothesay Stuart, Duke...   Arthur (Robert) of Rothesay St...   Murton Webb Pennie   Louis D'Evreux, Count of Étamp...   Harry Edward Lerner   Olive (Ollie) Mable Borough   Ernest Lyle Whiteman   Vital Edwards   Laura Mae McEowen   Gertrude Eleanor Whiteman   H. Hurl Hess   Lee Roy Kline   Mary Lettie Elliot   Salyer Van Tassel Denike   Florence Mabie   William Harrison Mabee   Stephen Chapman Jones   Louis Joseph Mabee   Alice Mabie   Athol Keith Mabee   Edmund Rayfield Mabie   Genevieve Field Mabie   Harriet Louise Duff   Morton M. Mabee   Wilfred Scribner Mabee   Edward Maybee   Clarence Homer Mabie   Mary Mabie   William W. Gourlay   Lucinda Foulson   John Hastings, 9th Baron Hasti...   child Romanov   Robert of Sizergh and Thornton...   George of Holker Hall Preston   Washington Athey   Isabella Harcourt   John Carey, 3rd Baron Hundson   Margaret Hay   Jean Fleming   William FitzGerald FitzGerald,...   William Leslie   Mary Ker   Walter Evered Armstrong   Alvaro Harold Armstrong   Willard Bill Gilliland   Frank Gilliland   Melvin Chute   Walter Harris Chute   James Everett Chute   Elizabeth Thompson   Minnie Gertrude Chute   Challoner St. Clair Richard Ch...   Randolph Hussein Chute   Oliver Tenney   Rebecca Chute   John Wrythe, Garter King of Ar...   Margaret Carnegie   John Kennedy, 6th Earl of Cass...   Witteric, Visigothic King of H...   Ginild Karina (Carrie) Annonso...   William II, Lord of Béthune   Robert (Scalio) of Hauteville   Orguilleuse d'Harenc   John Y Athey   David Sheets   Ateca Moceiwai   James Gerking   Catherine Coats Churchill   Robert II the Pious of France ...   Hamelin of Anjou Plantagenet d...   Sir George Talboys, Knight/Eli...   Lord Henry de Ferrers, 4th Bar...   Robert Clifford, 4th Lord Clif...   Thomas de Beauchamp, 12th Earl...   Aubrey de Vere, JP/Anne Staffo...   James Hamilton, 1st Lord Hami...   James of Wiltshire Butler, Ear...   Nicholas Vaux, 1st Baron Vaux ...   John de Beauchamp/Margaret Fer...   Abram E. Mabie/Florence McElro...   Blake Chapin/ (F551607702)   Francis Lovell, 1st Viscount L...   Hugh Montgomerie, 5th Earl of ...   Oliver St. John, 1st Earl Boli...   Hugh Montgomerie, 7th Earl of ...   Adolph Andrew Dolph' Chute/Emm...   Lieutenant Josiah Standish/Sar...   Ruben III, Prince of Armenia/I...