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    May 2022    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Elizabeth Willoughby   Bertha Woodcox   Anne Cockayne   Elizabeth Cecil   Henry FitzLewis   Esther M. Charlton   Thomasine Beaufort   Charles Augustus Erskine   Richard Brent   Ralph de Stafford, Lord Staffo...   Eleanor de Dreux   Robert St. Clair   Aodh Buidhe macBriain Ballach ...   Marjorie Mabee   Louis I de Montpensier, Count ...   William of Douglas, 1st Earl o...   Elizabeth Poyntz, Viscountess ...   Agnes Tilney, Dutchess Norfolk   Ferdinand (Ferrante) II of Nap...   Reiner of Montferrat, Marquis ...   Thomas Stanley, 2nd Bt   Ross L. McMahon   Joseph William Hintz   Jeremiah J.W. Rine   Homer C. Lawson   Charles Orval Shuman   Vean Mabie   Daniel Wood   Lula E. Queen   Nancy Murphy   Thomas of Wymondham Berkeley   Alexander Lindsey, 7th Earl of...   Son Stuart   Eupheme Drummond   May Stetson   Mary Frances Maby   Milton Mabey   George Mabie   Lee Mabee   Clayton Mabie   Amanda T. Smith   Grace O. Mabie   Edson William Maybee   Ida L Maybee   William O. Maybee   Mary Hatcher   Elbert Hegeman Bennett   Sylvester Mabie   Esther Mara Mabie   Miriam E. Mabee   Ernest C. Mabee   Charles Henry Mabee   John Darrow Mabee   Bernice Geniveve Maybee   Maxine Mabee   Dessie Walker   John Mabie   Shane Andrew Larsen   John, Captain Hay, Captain   Helen Stewart   Margaret Home   Mary Barnewall   John Gifford   Robert Cheney   Elizabeth Cooke, Baroness. Rus...   Robert Boyd, Master of Boyd   Phillip Darcy, Baron Darcy of ...   Robert Elphinstone, 3rd Lord E...   George Sinclair, 6th Earl of C...   Ethel Fay Narragon   Martin Luther Chute   Asa Watson Chute   Leroy Krabill   Mary Elizabeth Trudeau   Newton Earl Chute   Elmira Meda Neily   Murray Potter Chute   Sophia A. Chute   Ruby Joyce Graves   Rowland Wilson Stead   Ursula Tyrwhitt   William Russell, Marquess of T...   William Bentinck, 2nd Duke of ...   Betty Marlene Zeiler   Pedro Afonso, Count of Barcelo...   Adelchis of Benevento   Adelaide of Rheinfelden, Queen...   Geoffrey or Geoffroy I de Lusi...   Henry Otto Hohenstaufens   Silas F Hare   Litiana Maopa   Jesse G. Snyder   Roger de Mortimer, 1st Earl of...   John FitzAlan, 1st Earl Arunde...   Clotaire (Lothar) II of the Fr...   Blanch L. du Berry   Bertha du Berry   Matilda of Boulogne, Countess ...   Alphonso II the Chaste of Arag...   Costanza   Isabel de Clare   Elizabeth L Smith   William Cecil, 17th Baron de R...   Elizabeth I.   Byron W. Mabey   Frances Stanley   Florence Ethel Smith   Grace C. Smith   Francis McGlinchey   Caroline M.   William R. Sanders   Mary Ellen Constant   Felix Fields   Ernest Lyle Whiteman   John Perry Whiteman   Thomas Milner   Homer Metzger   Burnetta A.   James Jennings   Leona Wilber   David A. Gourlay   Stewart A. Gourlay   Mary   Loyd M. Strand   Lucretia Young   Frederick Walters   Mary Mabie   Anna A Kline   Lulu Mabey   Viola B. Maxon   Paul H. Maxon   George Mallory   Nina Anna Mabee   Jennie Callings   Edith B.   Nellie Mabie   Mary J Maybee   Mattie Maybee   Loren M. Highway   Fern Alice Felt   Sarah   Anna A.   Jesse B. Whiteman   Sidney A Knauss   Feba Ledford   J. Riley Queen   Austin H. Queen   Edward Queen   Son Stuart   Elizabeth Darcy   Desdemona Snyder   Mabbie Clock   William Mabee   Sarah Mabie   Selleca A. Maybee   Peter Edward Mabie   Amarilla F. Hussey   John B. Mabee   Florence McElroy   Inez Mabey   Orren Mabee   Eva Mabee   Hattie M Maybee   Peter Van Beeber   Hariett Ann Ritner   Simon Mabee   Flossie Mabie   Mary E. Palen   Jennet Logan   William Moses Mabie   Minnie O'Brien   Nancy A Magee   Hariett Camp   Ruth Janet Mabie   Elizabeth Ann Ackerson   Samuel R. Birch   Cornelius H. Mabie   Frank J Mabee   Mary Elizabeth Mabie   Macelis Mabey   Anna Schuyler   Hannah Coe   Wallace Robson Mabee   Gertrude M. Mabee   Martin D. Mabee   Luther Chamberlain   Anna M. Packard   John Oliver Mabee   Sarah Mabee   Sarah Matilda Christie   Godfrey Maybee   Harriett A. Mabie   Ezekiel Charles Mabie   Mary Elizabeth Ward   Elizabeth M Maby   Albert Wheatley   Harriett Wheatley   Mary B Wheatley   Sarah C. Perry   Fern Hazelwood   Wallace Hill   Sampson Lennard, Sheriff   Susan Shave   Manzor Chute   Eusebius McGillicuddy   Sarah Mae Ostrander   Henry Cooper   Charles S Crabtree   Anna Athy   Alva Athy   Paul Athy   Eugene Frederick Glover/Mildre...   Rainald II of Gueldres, Duke/C...   Henry Percy, 3rd Baron Percy/J...   John Clifford, 7th Baron Cliff...   Walter de Beauchamp/Joan de Mo...   John V of Montfort de Dreux, 5...   Roger Bigod, 4th Earl of Norfo...   Thomas of Savoy de Maurienne, ...   Walram III of Limburg, Duke of...   Charles IV of Bohemia, King of...   Arthur II of Brittany de Dreux...   Theobald I of Navarre, King of...   Frederick II of Sicily, King o...   Frederick II the Serious, Marg...   Edward Noel, 1st Earl of Gains...   Robert Dudley, 1st Earl Leices...   Hugh Montgomerie, 4th Earl of ...   George William Fancett/ (F5516...   Edgar Bull Mabie/ (F551605725)   Thomas Borough, 1° Baron Borou...   Henry Pole, 1st Baron Montagu/...   Alexander Lindsay, 1st Lord Sp...   John I, Count of Foix/Joanna o...   John Hussey/Mary Wood (F551610...   Joseph Hale/Mary Noyes (F55161...   Sir Edward Rodes/Mary Whitchco...