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    October 2022    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Clinton Twiss   Ralph Floyd Guard   Bessie Marie Cook   Edward Norris   Maud Neville, Baroness Mauley   Henry de Percy, 9th Baron Perc...   William Paulet   Rohese de Vere, Countess of Es...   Florence E. Erskine   Miro II, Count of Besalu   `Abd al-Malik, Caliph of Damas...   Alice de Harcourt   Wanda Niles   Ann de Viennois   Baldwin II of Constantinople, ...   Isabella de Dreux   Eupheme de Neville, Baroness L...   Annabella Drummond   Margery Wentworth   Alice FitzAlan   William F. Mabee   John Marshal, Marshall of Irel...   William de Keith   Euphamia of Strathearn Stuart,...   James Stanley, Lord Strange   William Legge, Viscount Lewish...   William Douglas, 2nd Earl of A...   Meinhard, Duke of Carinthia   Catherine Spencer, Countess No...   Cornelius Mabie   Maurice FitzNicholas, 3rd Lord...   John Stourton, 3rd Lord Stourt...   Thomas Vaux, 2nd Baron Vaux of...   Clem C. Whiteman   Arminda Pruitt   Julian ( Nip) Sautlet   Charles R Sweany   Walter S Mabie   Etta Schultz   James Lippert   Guy E. Mabie   Vivian Julia Diltz   Arthur Comstock   Wilson Maby   Delores Bernie Mabee   Emily Elizabeth Mabee   Custis Mabie   Margaret Mabie   Lillian Beach   Myrtle L. Mabie   Willis Mack Stevenson   William Richard Mabee   Henry Maybee   John Reister Mabee   Howard Mabee   Myrtle Maybee   Jessie Bell Schoolcraft   Frederick Munson Maybee   Anna Manck   Jane Maybee   Catherine Lenthall, Baroness Z...   Henry Pole   William Howard   Elizabeth Brydges, Maid of Hon...   Edwin Sandys, Knight   Florence Bonville, Countess Ba...   William of Weston Vavasour   Jean Ker   William Pudsay   Judith Wignol   Dick Koster   Bessie Viers   Matilda Harris   Elisha Newton McConnell   Mary O. Chute   Ralph Wesley Chute   Dorothy Bertha Jones   Esther Ferne Stanley Jacobs   Leah Foster   Perry Eugene Barclift   Nancy E. Chute   Margaret Marie Chute   Henry I, Count of Bar   James Chesley   Patience Hicks   Enoch Noyes   Rachel Lennard, Baroness Aberg...   John Wentworth, 1st Baronett   William Bourke, 7th Earl of Cl...   James Erskine, 7th Earl of Buc...   Marcus Maecilius Avitus, Emper...   Antonia Minor   Edward Herndon   Ann Williams   John Broughton   Olaf Carl Sundvall   Sarah Raymond   Charles Hill   Roman, Pope John XIX   Dedi (or Dedo) II of Meissen, ...   Catherine of Valois   Agnes of Meissen   Rhoda Ann Euans   Atelaite Eci Uluilakeba   James M. Cook   Joan Plantagenet, Queen of Nap...   John B Van Slyke   Elizabeth FitzHugh   Catherine Lederer   Margaret de Clare   Isabella de Bragan├ža   Lizzie   Eleanor E.   Eleanor de Clare   Leander Maybee   Denise D. Pinkerton   Jane Grey, Queen of England   Charles Dingman   Amy Parker   Jacobus Peek, Jr   Elizabeth Mabey   Emily H. White   Thomas Oliver Mabee   Anne Lowes   Charles Alexander McBrearty   James Greenan   Sam Fields   Addie   John C. Grabach   Esther Ann Falls   Florence Elizabeth Marsaw   Howard Perry   baby boy Mabie   Floyd C. Mabee   Bonnie Maybee   Helen B. Mabie   Maggie J   Earnest A. Maxon   Anna J   Adaline Callings   Gracie M Patrick   Jesse March   Cecilia   Sadie M.   Wilson Parks   Tressa C. Mabee   Walter Ide   Catherine Hess   Lena M Zimmerman   Amy Grace Remley   Reu Remley   Truman Falls   Harry E. Queen   Abigail Newkirk   Anna Gidley   Mary Ann Mabee   Rosa Ann Maybee   Hulda Mabie   Alice Abrams   Jane C.   Arterresia   Phebe Wetherby   Harriet W. Mabee   Vincent Maybee   Lucy Hanford   Phebe Adelia   Eva Inisilla Estell Mabee   Martha A. Mabie   Henry C. Mabie   Mary E. Mabee   Emma Hunter   Laura McDaniels   Francis Elmore Maybee   Frances M. Mabee   Frederick D. Mabee   William Henry Mabie   Helen Van Ess Mabie   Mortimer M Mabie   John William Hotaling   Clinton Mabee   Clarence Chamberlain   Hiram Maybee   Stephen Mabey, Jr.   Alonzo Putman, M. D.   Edward Mabey   John Way Maybee   Catherine Ann Mabie   Minnie S. Cline   Daisy May Jones   Fred C McMannis   Elizabeth Robertson   Robert Marlborough Mabie   William H Wills   Lewis A. Tallman   Margaret St. Quintin   Joanna of Aragon, Countess of ...   John of Halsham Constable   Anne Somerset   Joan Bates   John St. John   Dimitri of Russia   Hannah Noyes   Thomas Augustus Webb   Mary Cutting   Cynthia E. Chute   Richard III Chute   Ralph Radcliffe   Mary Dorothea Chute   Ada Teresa Hill   Elizabeth Jane Phillips   Margaret Churchill   Henry Percy, 2nd Earl of North...   Thomas Strangeways, Sir Knight...   Walter III Clifford, Baron Cli...   Raymond VI of Toulouse, Count ...   Otto I the Great, King of Germ...   Tostig of Northumbria Godwinss...   Thomas II de Savoie, Count of ...   Alfonse de Castilla de Molina,...   Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of D...   Sigismund of Bohemia, King of ...   Rhys ap Thomas FitzUryan, KG/J...   George Horatio Cholmondeley, 2...   Walter Hungerford, 1st Baron H...   Raoul (Ralph) II/IV de Brienne...   John M. Parker/Elizabeth (F107...   David Verplank Houghtaling/Hen...   /Florence Veronica Catherine F...   Lewis Gordon, 3rd Marquess of ...   Almon Moore/Celina E. Chute (F...   Wilfred Hiram Chute/Theressa M...   J. Fletcher Milberry/Louise J....   Lieutenant Moses Banks/Ruth We...   George Gordon, 1st Duke of Gor...   Thomas Carew/Anne Clifford (F5...   John Courtenay/Amy Clifford (F...   John de Burgh, 9th Earl of Cla...   Sir John de Stanley, Knight; L...   Arnold Beaton/Margaret Opperma...   George Opperman/Olive Jones (F...   / (F551607902)