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Maetnefrure of Khatti

Maetnefrure of Khatti

Female - Yes, date unknown

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  • Name Maetnefrure of Khatti  
    Gender Female 
    Died Yes, date unknown 
    • «b»

      «/b»Ramesses II's marrage to Maathomeferure was born of diplomacy. She was a princess of the Hittite ruler, Hattusilis III. This was a political move to cement peace between Egypt and the Hittites, after a peace treaty was signed in about year 21 of Ramesses II's rule. Seven years later, in about 1239 BC, and Ramesses seems to have outlive this queen as well, and duly marries another Hittite princess whose name has been lost.


      Maathorneferure«/b» was a daughter of the «u»Hittite «/u» king «u»Hattusili III «/u», and was married to the «u»Egyptian «/u» «u»Pharaoh «/u» «u»Ramesses II «/u» in the 34th year of his reign, becoming the Great King's Wife. But only a short while after her marriage her name is not mentioned anymore, the supposition being that she died.

      Egypt and the «u»Hittite empire «/u» had been increasingly at odds since the demise of the kingdom of the «u»Mitanni «/u», and Maathorneferure's marriage to the Egyptian king was the conclusion of the peace process which had begun with the signing of a «u»peace treaty «/u» thirteen years earlier.

      Maathorneferure was the daughter of «u»Hattusili III «/u» and his wife «u»Puduchepa «/u». Her original name is unknown, but her Egyptian name translates as "One who sees Horus, the invisible splendor of Ra".

      At «u»Tanis«/u», there is a broken statue of Ramesses that shows her (mostly destroyed) figure touching his leg, together with her cartouche.

      During the latter half of the first millennium BCE Maathorneferure's marriage to the pharaoh gave rise to the tale inscribed on the Bentresh Stela in which the sister of a foreign queen is healed by a divine statue sent from Egypt.«u»[1]

      «/u»«b»Alternative Spellings


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      «u»1. ^«/u»«/b» «u»The Bentresh Stela <>«/u»
    Person ID I61638  Glenn Cook Family
    Last Modified 19 Jun 2013 

    Father Khattushilish III, King of the Hittites,   b. Abt 1326 B.C.,   d. Abt 1265 B.C. 
    Mother Pudu-Kheba of Lawazanitiya,   d. Yes, date unknown 
    Family ID F551617711  Group Sheet

    Family Ramses II, Pharaoh of Egypt,   b. Abt 1302 B.C.,   d. Abt 1213 B.C. 
     1. Merenptah, King of Egypt,   d. 1203 B.C.
    Last Modified 19 Jun 2013 
    Family ID F551617710  Group Sheet

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