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Amenhotep I, PHARAOH of EGYPT

Male - Abt 1493 B.C.

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  • Name Amenhotep I  
    Suffix PHARAOH of EGYPT 
    Gender Male 
    Name Amenhotep I Djeserkare 
    Died Abt 1493 B.C. 
    • «b»

      «/b»2nd of 18th Dynasty

      Amenhotep I«/b» (sometimes read as «b»Amenophis I«/b» and meaning "«u»Amun «/u» is satisfied") was the second «u»Pharaoh «/u» of the «u»18th dynasty «/u» of «u»Egypt «/u». His reign is «u»generally dated from 1526 to 1506 BC «/u». He was born to «u»Ahmose I «/u» and «u»Ahmose-Nefertari «/u», but had at least two elder brothers, «u»Ahmose-ankh «/u» and «u»Ahmose Sapair «/u», and was not expected to «u»inherit the throne«/u». However, sometime in the eight years between Ahmose I's 17th «u»regnal year «/u» and his death, his «u»heir apparent «/u» died and Amenhotep became «u»crown prince «/u».«u»[3]«/u» He then acceded to the throne and ruled for about 21 years.«u»[1]
      Although his reign is poorly documented, it is possible to piece together a basic history from available evidence. He inherited the kingdom formed by his father's military conquests and maintained dominance over «u»Nubia «/u» and the «u»Nile Delta «/u», but probably did not attempt to keep power in «u»Syria-Palestine «/u». He continued to rebuild temples in «u»Upper Egypt «/u», and revolutionized mortuary complex design by separating his «u»tomb «/u» from his «u»mortuary temple «/u», setting a trend which would persist throughout the «u»New Kingdom «/u». After his death, he was «u»deified «/u» into the patron god of «u»Deir el-Medina «/u».«u»[4]«/u»


      «/b»Amenhotep I was the son of «u»Ahmose I «/u» and «u»Ahmose-Nefertari «/u». His elder brothers, the crown prince «u»Ahmose Sapair «/u» and «u»Ahmose-ankh «/u», died before him, thus clearing the way for his ascension to the throne.«u»[5]«/u» Amenhotep probably came to power while he was still young himself, and his mother, Ahmose-Nefertari, appears to have been regent for him for at least a short time.«u»[6]«/u» This is evidenced because both he and his mother are credited with opening a worker village at the site of Deir el-Medina.«u»[6]«/u» Amenhotep took his sister «u»Ahmose-Meritamon «/u» as his «u»Great Royal Wife «/u».«u»[7]«/u» Another wife's name, Sitkamose, is attested on a nineteenth dynasty «u»stele «/u».«u»[8]
      Beyond this, his relation to all other possible family members has been questioned. «u»Ahhotep II «/u» is usually called his wife and sister,«u»[7]«/u» despite an alternate theory that she was his grandmother.«u»[8]«/u» He is thought to have had one son by Ahhotep II, Amenemhat, who died while still very young.«u»[7]«/u» This remains the consensus, although there are arguments against that relationship as well.«u»[8]«/u» With no living heirs, Amenhotep was succeeded by «u»Thutmose I «/u», whom he married to his sister, «u»Aahmes «/u»,«u»[7]«/u» although once again there is no definite proof that the two were related. Since Aahmes is never called "King's Daughter" in any inscription, some scholars doubt this relation as well.«u»[8]
      «b»Dates and length of reign

      «/b»In the ninth year of Amenhotep I, a «u»heliacal rise of Sothis «/u» was observed on the ninth day of the third month of summer.«u»[9]«/u» Modern astronomers have calculated that, if the observation was made from «u»Memphis «/u» or «u»Heliopolis «/u», such an observation could only have been made on that day in 1537 BC. If the observation was made in «u»Thebes «/u», however, it could only have taken place in 1517.«u»[10]«/u» The latter choice is usually accepted as correct since Thebes was the capital of early 18th dynasty Egypt; hence, Amenhotep I is given an accession date in 1526 BC,«u»[9]«/u» although the possibility of 1546 BC is not entirely dismissed.

      «u»Manetho «/u»'s Epitome states that Amenhotep I ruled Egypt for 20 Years and 7 Months or 21 Years, depending on the «u»source «/u».«u»[11]«/u» While Amenhotep I's highest attested official date is only his Year 10, Manetho's data is confirmed by information from a passage in the tomb autobiography of a Magician named Amenemhet. This individual explicitly states that he served under Amenhotep I for 21 Years.«u»[12]«/u» Thus, in the high chronology, Amenhotep I is given a reign from around 1546 to 1526 BC and, in the low chronology, from around 1526 to 1506 BC or 1525 to 1504 BC,«u»[13]«/u» though individual scholars may vary by a few years.


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    Last Modified 18 Dec 2009 

    Father Ahmose I, 1st PHARAOH of 18th Dynasty,   b. Abt 1555 B.C.,   d. 1525 B.C. 
    Mother Ahmose-Nefertari,   d. Yes, date unknown 
    Family ID F551617764  Group Sheet

    Family Ahmose-Meritamon,   d. Yes, date unknown 
     1. Ahmose, queen,   d. Yes, date unknown
    Last Modified 18 Dec 2009 
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