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Ahmose, queen

Ahmose, queen

Female - Yes, date unknown

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  • Name Ahmose  
    Suffix queen 
    Gender Female 
    Died Yes, date unknown 
    • «b»

      Queen Ahmose«/b» was the «u»Ancient Egyptian «/u» royal queen of pharaoh, «u»Thutmose I «/u», and the mother of queen and later, pharaoh, «u»Hatshepsut «/u». Ahmose was the «u»Great Royal Wife «/u» of Thutmose I, a military general whose rise to pharaoh was likely assured because of her marriage to him. It is not known with certainty whether Princes «u»Amenmose «/u» and «u»Wadjmose «/u» were her sons or that of «u»Mutnofret «/u». Both of them and Ahmose's elder daughter, «u»Neferubity «/u», are thought to have died before their father's death.

      Records of Ancient «u»Egypt «/u» regarding Ahmose are not certain as yet, it is possible that she was the royal granddaughter of Queen «u»Ahmose-Nefertari «/u» and the daughter of «u»Amenhotep I «/u» of Egypt or, that she was the royal daughter of king Ahmose and queen Ahmose-Nefertari, and a sister of Amenhotep I. She also had a daughter, Mutnofret, who soon had many sons with her husband Thutmose.

      Amenhotep I probably came to power while he was still young himself, and his mother, Ahmose-Nefertari, was «u»regent «/u» for him until he reached maturity.«u»[1]«/u» This is evidenced because both his mother and he are credited with opening a worker village at the site of Deir el-Medina.«u»[1]«/u» This would never have been recorded as such if she had not been regent. Later, Amenhotep took for his Great Royal Wife, his sister, «u»Ahmose-Meritamon «/u».«u»[2]
      The second royal daughter of Ahmose, «u»Hatshepsut «/u», was thought to be very close to her parents, being placed into important administrative positions in the government, including the chief advisory role to her father. She survived her father and became the influential royal queen of Thutmose II, and then later, to rule in her own right as one of Egypt's greatest «u»pharaohs «/u».


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    Person ID I61720  Glenn Cook Family
    Last Modified 18 Dec 2009 

    Father Amenhotep I, PHARAOH of EGYPT,   d. Abt 1493 B.C. 
    Mother Ahmose-Meritamon,   d. Yes, date unknown 
    Family ID F551617765  Group Sheet

    Family Thutmose I,   d. 1493 B.C. 
     1. Hatshepsut, Queen & PHARAOH of EGYPT,   d. 1482 B.C.
    Last Modified 18 Dec 2009 
    Family ID F551617766  Group Sheet

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    Ahmose (Queen)
    Ahmose (Queen)
    Queen Ahmose, her husband, and oldest daughter
    Ahmose (queen)
    Ahmose (queen)
    Ahmose (queen)
    Ahmose (queen)