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Tuya (Thuya) of EGYPT, queen

Tuya (Thuya) of EGYPT, queen

Female - Yes, date unknown

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  • Name Tuya (Thuya) of EGYPT  
    Suffix queen 
    Gender Female 
    Died Yes, date unknown 
    • «b»

      Queen Tuya«/b» (also called «b»Tuy«/b» or «u»«b»Mut «/u»-Tuya«u»«/b»[1]«/u») was the wife of «u»Pharaoh «/u» «u»Seti I «/u» of «u»Egypt «/u» and mother of «u»Ramesses II «/u», «u»Princess Tia «/u» and perhaps «u»Henutmire «/u». She was the daughter of «u»Raia «/u» who was a military officer based on his title of Lieutenant of the chariotry.«u»[2]«/u» Tuya's daughter Princess Tia was married to an a high ranking civil servant with and identical name: Tia.«u»[3]
      As the mother of Ramesses II, enjoyed a privileged existence of a respected king's mother and was allowed the opportunity to correspond with the Hittite royal court after the Year 21 peace treaty between Egypt and Hatti under Ramesses II. A "graceful standing statue of the queen" is today housed "in the «u»Vatican Museum «/u» where Tuya appears with her daughter or granddaughter «u»Hentmire «/u»"«u»[4]«/u» while a carved alabaster canopic jar stopper in the form of her head today resides in the collection of the «u»Luxor Museum «/u».«u»[5]«/u» Tuya likely died soon after Year 22 of Ramesses' reign and was buried in an impressive tomb in the Valley of the Queens (QV80).«u»[6]«/u» In her tomb, Tuya

      "was stripped of the first part of her name to become plain Tuya for eternity; the loss of the prefix «u»Mut «/u»- suggests that her death had ended in an almost divine earthly status."«u»[7]«/u»


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    Person ID I61729  Glenn Cook Family
    Last Modified 19 Jun 2013 

    Father Ruia (Reyja) of THEBES, Lieutenant of the Chariotry,   d. Yes, date unknown 
    Mother Thuya of THEBES,   d. Yes, date unknown 
    Family ID F551617772  Group Sheet

    Family Seti I,   b. Abt 1323 B.C.,   d. 1279 B.C. 
     1. Ramses II, Pharaoh of Egypt,   b. Abt 1302 B.C.,   d. Abt 1213 B.C.
    Last Modified 19 Jun 2013 
    Family ID F551617771  Group Sheet

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    canopic jar of Queen Tuya from the Luxor Museum