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Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann "Annie"  Abt 1803Virginia, USA I7377
2 Elizabeth  1790Virginia, USA I65086
3 Mary  Abt 1824Virginia, USA I64889
4 Rebecca  Abt 1828Virginia, USA I65696
5 Atha, Alan Greenleaf  Abt 1838Virginia, USA I15315
6 Atha, Amanda  Abt 1844Virginia, USA I15318
7 Atha, Benjamin  Abt 1798Virginia, USA I7374
8 Atha, Calvin H.  Abt 1836Virginia, USA I15313
9 Atha, Calvin Hamilton  16 Jan 1820Virginia, USA I64882
10 Atha, Campbell H  1823Virginia, USA I64888
11 Atha, Catherine  Abt 1834Virginia, USA I15312
12 Atha, Delia  Abt 1840Virginia, USA I15316
13 Atha, Elizabeth  Abt 1837Virginia, USA I15338
14 Atha, James  Abt 1818Virginia, USA I15218
15 Atha, James S.  Abt 1818Virginia, USA I7391
16 Atha, Mary (Polly)  Abt 1812Virginia, USA I7385
17 Atha, Sara Jane  Between 1839 and 1841Virginia, USA I15342
18 Atha, Styers  Abt 1815Virginia, USA I7387
19 Atha, Susannah  11 Oct 1813Virginia, USA I7346
20 Atha, Susannah  Abt 1842Virginia, USA I15317
21 Atha, Thomas Alvin  29 Jan 1780Virginia, USA I7344
22 Atha, William S.  Abt 1810Virginia, USA I7383
23 Athey, Andrew  25 May 1831Virginia, USA I7407
24 Athey, Cyrus Jackson  1839Virginia, USA I65083
25 Athey, Elizabeth (Betsy)  Abt 1786Virginia, USA I64902
26 Athey, George W  Abt 1820Virginia, USA I65240
27 Athey, Levi  Abt 1816Virginia, USA I65111
28 Athey, Luci  Abt 1836Virginia, USA I65081
29 Athey, Mary Polly  18 May 1829Virginia, USA I7405
30 Athey, Mary Tabitha  1826Virginia, USA I64671
31 Athey, Mathew  Abt 1814Virginia, USA I65239
32 Athey, Salie  Abt 1815Virginia, USA I64770
33 Athey, Susan  Abt 1790Virginia, USA I64896
34 Athey, Susannah  12 May 1825Virginia, USA I7398
35 Athey, Thomas Albert  Abt 1833Virginia, USA I65080
36 Athey, Thomas Alvin  30 Apr 1827Virginia, USA I7403
37 Athey, William  Abt 1817Virginia, USA I65237
38 Athey, William Boatman Manring  5 Jan 1820Virginia, USA I7396
39 Athey, William Lucius  1837Virginia, USA I65082
40 Brock, Mary Ann  1797Virginia, USA I27236
41 Carr, Margaret  Abt 1805Virginia, USA I65580
42 Cooper, Minerva  Abt 1836Virginia, USA I65042
43 Crabtree, Hanson  20 May 1870Virginia, USA I65698
44 Crabtree, John Thomas  5 Dec 1851Virginia, USA I65702
45 Greene, David  Virginia, USA I1857
46 Holder, Isabella (Nan)  1811Virginia, USA I65405
47 Holder, Vienna  1835Virginia, USA I65357
48 Hume, John  Abt 1779Virginia, USA I65650
49 Jones, Deborah  1787Virginia, USA I65688
50 Kember, Frances E  Abt 1818Virginia, USA I65501

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Athy, Thomas  Bef 1850Virginia, USA I65720


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Atha / Manring  Abt 1824Virginia, USA F2888
2 Chute / Estes  16 Aug 1930Virginia, USA F551613890
3 Dunaway / Athey  Abt 1827Virginia, USA F14275
4 Jordan / Athey  Abt 1826Virginia, USA F14276