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New Brunswick, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dianna  16 Jun 1838New Brunswick, Canada I19648
2 Rachael  Between 1815 and 1816New Brunswick, Canada I31630
3 Baker, Samuel C.  25 Mar 1797New Brunswick, Canada I32921
4 Best, Elizabeth  Between 1807 and 1808New Brunswick, Canada I38675
5 Brewer, Lorena Francis  25 Oct 1857New Brunswick, Canada I33519
6 Cameron, Elizabeth Jane  7 Feb 1877New Brunswick, Canada I23625
7 Cook, Bella Turner  15 Jan 1840New Brunswick, Canada I31624
8 Earle, Thomas Luckey  Abt 1846New Brunswick, Canada I53736
9 Earle, William Hallet  7 Sep 1832New Brunswick, Canada I38652
10 French, Benjamin  1840New Brunswick, Canada I38632
11 Greene, Jane A.  Between 1811 and 1812New Brunswick, Canada I31654
12 Gunter, Samuel  4 Jul 1810New Brunswick, Canada I39022
13 Hamill, Sarah Gertrude  Between 1870 and 1871New Brunswick, Canada I30096
14 Hooper, Charlotte Magellan  1849New Brunswick, Canada I38356
15 Humphey, Emsley  Between 1870 and 1871New Brunswick, Canada I30259
16 Humphrey, Mary  1815New Brunswick, Canada I38658
17 Kelly, Michael  Abt 1806New Brunswick, Canada I66987
18 Lamb, Charlotte  Between 1872 and 1873New Brunswick, Canada I30111
19 Lamb, Francois  Between 1879 and 1880New Brunswick, Canada I23400
20 Lamb, Jessie  Between 1878 and 1879New Brunswick, Canada I23399
21 Lamb, William  Between 1875 and 1876New Brunswick, Canada I23398
22 Laskey, Elizabeth  Between 1817 and 1818New Brunswick, Canada I38640
23 Laskey, Matilda Jane  Between 1856 and 1857New Brunswick, Canada I23468
24 Lingley, Harriet Amelia  1875New Brunswick, Canada I31560
25 Mabee, Abraham D.  8 Mar 1875New Brunswick, Canada I31613
26 Mabee, Ada Z.  1850New Brunswick, Canada I31629
27 Mabee, Albert Augustus  26 Oct 1843New Brunswick, Canada I31620
28 Mabee, Albert H.  3 Mar 1895New Brunswick, Canada I23623
29 Mabee, Alfred Oram  25 Aug 1873New Brunswick, Canada I19612
30 Mabee, Alonzo  28 Aug 1839New Brunswick, Canada I19647
31 Mabee, Charles  1 Mar 1882New Brunswick, Canada I30090
32 Mabee, Edith  2 Sep 1878New Brunswick, Canada I30092
33 Mabee, Elias  14 Apr 1806New Brunswick, Canada I31738
34 Mabee, Eliza Jane  1848New Brunswick, Canada I38642
35 Mabee, Elizabeth Rebecca  Between 1848 and 1849New Brunswick, Canada I31627
36 Mabee, Esther Maria  Between 1830 and 1831New Brunswick, Canada I33271
37 Mabee, Frank Trevelyn  26 Jul 1886New Brunswick, Canada I34956
38 Mabee, Frederick  20 Jul 1879New Brunswick, Canada I30091
39 Mabee, George William  2 Sep 1846New Brunswick, Canada I19607
40 Mabee, Gordon  24 Dec 1887New Brunswick, Canada I30089
41 Mabee, Harriet Lucinda  3 Jul 1850New Brunswick, Canada I19598
42 Mabee, Horatio Nelson  8 Jan 1848New Brunswick, Canada I19596
43 Mabee, Horatio Theodore  Between 1843 and 1844New Brunswick, Canada I33267
44 Mabee, Howard  20 Feb 1886New Brunswick, Canada I23704
45 Mabee, Iza Clara  1883New Brunswick, Canada I24663
46 Mabee, Jacob Gillis  15 Apr 1837New Brunswick, Canada I31634
47 Mabee, James  17 Apr 1893New Brunswick, Canada I23703
48 Mabee, James T.  31 Oct 1845New Brunswick, Canada I33265
49 Mabee, Jeremiah Drake  Between 1839 and 1840New Brunswick, Canada I31633
50 Mabee, John Drake  1821New Brunswick, Canada I34393

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Marshall, William  1815New Brunswick, Canada I55361

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Hooghteling, Abigail  Between 1874 and 1875New Brunswick, Canada I33830


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Mabie, Margaret  1783New Brunswick, Canada I39217
2 Mabie, Simon  1783New Brunswick, Canada I39295

No Name

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    No Name    Person ID 
1 Mabee, Silas  1783New Brunswick, Canada I39218
2 Mabie, Leah  1783New Brunswick, Canada I39216
3 Mabie, Simon  1783New Brunswick, Canada I39295


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Mabee, Arnold T.  Between 1897 and 1916New Brunswick, Canada I33831
2 Mabee, Jacob Gillis  Between 1894 and 1897New Brunswick, Canada I31634


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Arbuckle / Mabie  28 Jan 1919New Brunswick, Canada F551608033
2 Mabee / Cook  28 Jan 1864New Brunswick, Canada F551606954