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New York, USA



Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna M.  1854New York, USA I32467
2 Florence M.  1878New York, USA I24501
3 Hattie E.  1876New York, USA I16861
4 Covey, Mary  21 Dec 1805New York, USA I64778
5 Hart, Elezar  Between 1871 and 1872New York, USA I23631
6 Mabey, Isaac  Jul 1839New York, USA I32295
7 Mabie, Charles E.  Feb 1844New York, USA I32294
8 Mabie, Charles William  22 Apr 1868New York, USA I32459
9 Mabie, Cora F.  1878New York, USA I35671
10 Mabie, Elnathan N  24 Feb 1841New York, USA I32691
11 Mabie, George E.  Jul 1867New York, USA I35669
12 Mabie, Ida Maud  Mar 1876New York, USA I32312
13 Mabie, John William  20 Aug 1866New York, USA I32253
14 Mabie, Josephine  1873New York, USA I35670
15 Mabie, Mary Emma  Jul 1872New York, USA I17792
16 Mabie, William Lewis  6 Aug 1838New York, USA I32296
17 Mackey, Olive  Between 1811 and 1816New York, USA I32297
18 Maddaugh, Mary A  Nov 1844New York, USA I35663
19 St. John, Phebe Jane  24 May 1844New York, USA I32254
20 Stevenson, Dr. Willis Mack  24 Oct 1874New York, USA I32601
21 Tillotson, Sarah Jane  Feb 1850New York, USA I32292
22 Wheeler, Beulah Eloise  Between 26 Jan 1883 and 19 Jan 1885New York, USA I35664