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Indiana, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Edna L.  1857Indiana, United States I20019
2 Sarah E.  Jun 1846Indiana, United States I30573
3 Abrams, Alice  Oct 1863Indiana, United States I30666
4 Alcott, Elizabeth J.  Dec 1863Indiana, United States I24368
5 Atha, Lavina  Abt 1862Indiana, United States I15325
6 Athy, John W  1868Indiana, United States I65847
7 Athy, Michael  Aug 1849Indiana, United States I65844
8 Atkinson, Mary Alice  28 Mar 1913Indiana, United States I32503
9 Becker, C. N.  Between 1883 and 1884Indiana, United States I27754
10 Birch, Abraham L.  Between 1861 and 1862Indiana, United States I30295
11 Birch, Jennie E.  Between 1858 and 1859Indiana, United States I30296
12 Botts, John  Abt 1867Indiana, United States I27272
13 Brown, William W.  Between 1852 and 1853Indiana, United States I32027
14 Burlingame, Selectra  14 Feb 1835Indiana, United States I30862
15 Clark, Betsey  Between 1855 and 1856Indiana, United States I30636
16 Cobert, Jane  1856Indiana, United States I31825
17 Coleman, Ashabal  5 Jan 1859Indiana, United States I20748
18 Coleman, Charles S.  1 Aug 1855Indiana, United States I20749
19 Coleman, Evolena  15 Jan 1868Indiana, United States I20744
20 Coleman, Ida A.  16 Jan 1863Indiana, United States I20745
21 Coleman, John William  11 Apr 1852Indiana, United States I20694
22 Coleman, Mary Jane  17 Mar 1857Indiana, United States I20742
23 Coleman, Susan M.  4 Jan 1861Indiana, United States I20747
24 Compton, Claude Herod Ranulf  Between 1879 and 1880Indiana, United States I10590
25 Constant, Mary Ellen  May 1842Indiana, United States I20585
26 Cook, Alwilda A.  18 Mar 1863Indiana, United States I7368
27 Cook, Arthur T.  21 Jun 1878Indiana, United States I2020
28 Cook, Clarence L  17 May 1879Indiana, United States I7436
29 Cook, Ida  Abt 1865Indiana, United States I2178
30 Cook, Infent  3 Mar 1881Indiana, United States I7437
31 Cook, Infent  3 Mar 1881Indiana, United States I7438
32 Cook, John W.  13 Jan 1862Indiana, United States I7367
33 Cook, Malissa Jane  Nov 1866Indiana, United States I152
34 Cook, Martha  Abt 1862Indiana, United States I2177
35 Cook, Mary A.  4 Jun 1868Indiana, United States I2109
36 Cook, Rolland Edward  15 May 1896Indiana, United States I1716
37 Cook, Sarah E.  19 Aug 1873Indiana, United States I7433
38 Cook, Susannah  Abt 1847Indiana, United States I7358
39 Cook, Thelma L.  18 Oct 1908Indiana, United States I15290
40 Cook, Turpy  11 Jun 1863Indiana, United States I7415
41 Cummins, John  Between 1870 and 1871Indiana, United States I23610
42 Davis, Mollie E.  3 Jun 1883Indiana, United States I5473
43 Downs, Charles Otis  28 May 1894Indiana, United States I21577
44 Downs, Edith Jane  17 May 1885Indiana, United States I21291
45 Downs, Helen Marie  27 Oct 1897Indiana, United States I21649
46 Downs, Mertie May  13 May 1882Indiana, United States I21169
47 Elder, Susan  Abt 1858Indiana, United States I26267
48 Elya, Effie Blanch  11 Nov 1857Indiana, United States I30672
49 Erskine, Aletha D.  Abt 1913Indiana, United States I5477
50 Erskine, Charles Augustus  19 May 1885Indiana, United States I5451

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aker, Catheryn  Indiana, United States I66074
2 Alexander, Alley  2 Dec 1876Indiana, United States I7361
3 Atha, Susannah  26 Jul 1878Indiana, United States I7346
4 Coleman, Ashabal  1 Apr 1864Indiana, United States I20748
5 Coleman, Charles S.  1 Apr 1864Indiana, United States I20749
6 Coleman, Harriet Ellen  1913Indiana, United States I20697
7 Coleman, Ida A.  1909Indiana, United States I20745
8 Coleman, John William  27 Mar 1864Indiana, United States I20694
9 Coleman, Mary Jane  8 Mar 1921Indiana, United States I20742
10 Coleman, Sarah Elizabeth  25 Mar 1864Indiana, United States I20751
11 Coleman, Susan M.  8 Apr 1864Indiana, United States I20747
12 Cook, Alwilda A.  27 Mar 1865Indiana, United States I7368
13 Cook, Clarence L  22 Dec 1901Indiana, United States I7436
14 Cook, Elizabeth  Bef 1880Indiana, United States I7356
15 Cook, Infent  5 Mar 1881Indiana, United States I7437
16 Cook, Infent  5 Mar 1881Indiana, United States I7438
17 Cook, John T.  20 Dec 1928Indiana, United States I7360
18 Cook, Sarah E.  16 Mar 1874Indiana, United States I7433
19 Cook, Sarah Jane  30 Mar 1858Indiana, United States I7350
20 Cook, Turpy  10 Jul 1863Indiana, United States I7415
21 Cook, William H.  4 Apr 1873Indiana, United States I7347
22 Cottingham, Thomas  1860Indiana, United States I42906
23 Elder, Jacob Rine  10 Feb 1899Indiana, United States I23434
24 Grabill, Lizzie  18 Dec 1873Indiana, United States I22956
25 Hull, Ovis  Bef 1850Indiana, United States I33657
26 Kyle, Julia A. /Kile  Indiana, United States I7441
27 Longaker, John  1 Jul 1866Indiana, United States I7458
28 McGrew, John  4 Aug 1860Indiana, United States I15354
29 McGrew, Mary Catherine  20 Dec 1856Indiana, United States I15352
30 McGrew, Samuel  31 Aug 1866Indiana, United States I15359
31 Milner, Mary Jane  Indiana, United States I24798
32 Penrod, Jennie  3 Aug 1887Indiana, United States I21669
33 Sweany, Willie  Indiana, United States I23655
34 Whiteman, Joel Franklin  20 Jan 1901Indiana, United States I24799
35 Winrotte, Franklin M  28 Aug 1928Indiana, United States I1670


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Penrod, Jennie  Aug 1887Indiana, United States I21669


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved    Person ID 
1 Athy, David Hon (Conn)  Abt 1845Indiana, United States I65841
2 Athy, Mariah (Mary)  Abt 1845Indiana, United States I65840

Soc Sec Num

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Soc Sec Num    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, Mary Alice  Indiana, United States I32503
2 Mabee, Clarence Marshall  Indiana, United States I33899
3 Mabie, Charles Leonard  Indiana, United States I32513
4 Pratt, Amy Emma  Indiana, United States I32511


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Athy /   Abt 1868Indiana, United States F551619180
2 Beckwith / Downs  16 Aug 1919Indiana, United States F10261
3 Cook /   1873Indiana, United States F543
4 Mallory / Mabie  14 Feb 1895Indiana, United States F551607748
5 Onstott / Downs  14 May 1948Indiana, United States F10024
6 Whiteman / Milner  11 Jan 1872Indiana, United States F10792