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London, Greater London, England



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Charlotte Alexandra Maria of Croy  31 Dec 1938London, Greater London, England I47964
2 Elfwin Monk St.Foi Aquitaine  London, Greater London, England I8213
3 Allerton, Isaac  1586London, Greater London, England I249
4 Barnett, Derek Mark  1965London, Greater London, England I47659
5 Bledlowe, Elizabeth  Abt 1506London, Greater London, England I2380
6 Bledlowe, Thomas  Abt 1446London, Greater London, England I2386
7 Bledlowe, Thomas  Abt 1476London, Greater London, England I2384
8 Bowes-Lyon, Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Queen of Britain  4 Aug 1900London, Greater London, England I15631
9 Brownlow, Elizabeth  18 May 1681London, Greater London, England I47871
10 Cavendish, Frances  18 Jun 1548London, Greater London, England I48426
11 Douglas, Dunbar 6th Earl of Selkirk  22 Apr 1809London, Greater London, England I47307
12 Eastwood, Penelope Meredith  16 Apr 1953London, Greater London, England I16030
13 Knatchbull, Anthony  6 Apr 1952London, Greater London, England I16041
14 Knatchbull, John Ulick 7th Lord Brabourne  9 Nov 1924London, Greater London, England I16028
15 Miller, Naomi Anne  20 Dec 1954London, Greater London, England I47735
16 Penny, John  3 Nov 1933 inLondon, Greater London, England I47646
17 Petre, Elizabeth  Abt 1536London, Greater London, England I45468
18 Plantagenet, Edmund Crounchback 1st Earl of Lancaster  16 Jan 1245London, Greater London, England I5314
19 Rich, Audrey (Etheldreda)  Abt 1533London, Greater London, England I2713
20 Rich, Catherine  Abt 1440London, Greater London, England I2760
21 Rich, Richard  Abt 1470London, Greater London, England I42431
22 Rich, Thomas  Abt 1432London, Greater London, England I2763
23 Root, Edgar William (Bill)  20 Oct 1923London, Greater London, England I47648
24 St. John, Dorothy  1602London, Greater London, England I40082
25 St. John, Oliver  Bef 1565London, Greater London, England I40075
26 St. John, Oliver 1st Earl Bolingbroke  1565London, Greater London, England I46857
27 Stanley, Ferdinando 5th Earl of Derby  Abt 1559London, Greater London, England I18414
28 Starkey, Elizabeth  Abt 1480London, Greater London, England I2385
29 Starkey, Humphrey  Abt 1450London, Greater London, England I2387
30 Stuart, Esmé  2 Nov 1649London, Greater London, England I16742
31 Warren, Richard  1579London, Greater London, England I2881


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AEthelred II the Unready King of England  23 Apr 1016London, Greater London, England I3867
2 Baldwin  Bef 2 Dec 1135London, Greater London, England I7557
3 Sir William le Hardi of Douglas  1298London, Greater London, England I10533
4 Allerton, Edward  1590London, Greater London, England I258
5 Butler, James 9th Earl of Ormonde  28 Oct 1546London, Greater London, England I14701
6 Cavendish-Bentinck, Cecilia Nina Countess of Strathmore  23 Jun 1938London, Greater London, England I47957
7 Cecil, Albinia  Aft 1622London, Greater London, England I17304
8 Cecil, Thomas 1st Earl of Exeter  8 Feb 1622London, Greater London, England I16681
9 Clinton, John 6º Baron Clinton of Marstoke  29 Feb 1488London, Greater London, England I17550
10 Constable, Sir Henry of Burton Constable  15 Dec 1607London, Greater London, England I48170
11 Daubeney, Giles 6th Baron Daubeney  21 May 1508London, Greater London, England I40319
12 de la Mote, Joan Lady of Willisham  29 Jun 1375London, Greater London, England I14494
13 de Mandeville, Geoffrey 5th Earl of Essex  23 Feb 1216London, Greater London, England I974
14 de Valois, John II the Good of France King of France  8 Apr 1364London, Greater London, England I8395
15 de Vere, Aubrey II Justiciar of England  15 May 1141London, Greater London, England I4091
16 de Warren, William 6th Earl of Warren and Surrey  27 May 1240London, Greater London, England I5347
17 FitzAlan, Henry 18th Earl of Arundel  24 Feb 1578London, Greater London, England I19476
18 Fitzalan-Howard, Gwendolen Mary Anne  15 Jan 1932London, Greater London, England I42057
19 Grosvenor, Elizabeth Harriet  25 Mar 1928London, Greater London, England I15495
20 Hastings, Francis Baron Hastings  17 Dec 1595London, Greater London, England I15479
21 Manners, Eleanor  23 Oct 1679London, Greater London, England I45052
22 Montague, Anne Countess Suffolk  19 Oct 1720London, Greater London, England I45497
23 Neville, Dorothy Countess Exeter  23 Mar 1608London, Greater London, England I16685
24 Neville, John 3rd Baron Latimer  2 Mar 1543London, Greater London, England I42955
25 Percy, Anne  5 Jul 1522London, Greater London, England I10595
26 Plantagenet, Beatrice Duchess of Brittany  24 Mar 1275London, Greater London, England I4298
27 Plantagenet, Isabella  Bef Oct 1382London, Greater London, England I10612
28 Rich, Charles Lord Rich  16 May 1664London, Greater London, England I47866
29 Sinclair, John 11th Earl of Caithness  8 Apr 1789London, Greater London, England I48469
30 Spencer, Edward John VIII 8th Earl of Spencer  29 Mar 1992London, Greater London, England I16210
31 Stourton, Catherine Baroness Grey of Codnor  25 Nov 1521London, Greater London, England I16890
32 Stuart, Charles 5th Earl Lennox  1576London, Greater London, England I47240
33 Talbot, Richard 4th Lord Talbot  9 Sep 1396London, Greater London, England I12411
34 Touchet, James 4th Baron Audley of Heleigh  28 Jun 1497London, Greater London, England I42111
35 Wortley, Eleanor Countess Sussex  1666London, Greater London, England I45464
36 Wyatt, Sir Thomas "The Younger"  11 Apr 1554London, Greater London, England I28210


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Williams, Henry Sir Knight  20 Aug 1551London, Greater London, England I7482


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Acceded    Person ID 
1 Ashley, Jane  London, Greater London, England I46923
2 Capell, Sir William Mayor of London MP  London, Greater London, England I42398
3 Fraunceys, Sir Adam  London, Greater London, England I4416


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Butler / Sheffield  9 Nov 1582London, Greater London, England F7035
2 Gostwicke / Petre  27 Apr 1558London, Greater London, England F551610663
3 Herbert / Grey  21 May 1553London, Greater London, England F551609347
4 Howard / Harrison  1640London, Greater London, England F551611804
5 Howard / Meautys  10 Feb 1566London, Greater London, England F551611286
6 Howard / Stafford  11 Oct 1637London, Greater London, England F551609672
7 Marshal / de Clare  Aug 1189London, Greater London, England F1474
8 Parr / Bourchier  9 Feb 1526London, Greater London, England F6997
9 Sandys / Wilford  19 Feb 1559London, Greater London, England F551609856
10 Talbot / Manners  28 Apr 1539London, Greater London, England F8221
11 Wriothesley / Browne  19 Feb 1565London, Greater London, England F551609828