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Westminster Abbey, London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Howard, Lady Frances  27 Nov 1677Westminster Abbey, London, England I47179
2 Plantagenet, Henry IV King of England  20 Mar 1413Westminster Abbey, London, England I4081
3 St. John, Barbara  16 Sep 1672Westminster Abbey, London, England I47182
4 Tudor, Elizabeth I Queen of England  15 Jan 1558Westminster Abbey, London, England I17339
5 Tudor, Thomas Monk at Westminster  1501Westminster Abbey, London, England I13224


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Anne of Bohemia  Westminster Abbey, London, England I11484
2 Anne of Cleves  Westminster Abbey, London, England I18238
3 Augusta of Saxe-Gotha  Westminster Abbey, London, England I29078
4 Edith (Eadgyth)  Westminster Abbey, London, England I8223
5 Edward (St.) The Confessor King of England  6 Jan 1066Westminster Abbey, London, England I4833
6 Eleanor (Leonor) of Castile Countess de Ponthieu  Westminster Abbey, London, England I2559
7 John of Eltham Earl of Cornwall  Westminster Abbey, London, England I2554
8 Matilda (Edith) of Scotland  Westminster Abbey, London, England I2602
9 William of Windsor  Westminster Abbey, London, England I13814
10 Beaufort, Margaret of Richmond Countess of Richmond and Countess of Derby  Westminster Abbey, London, England I3306
11 Berkeley, Elizabeth  Westminster Abbey, London, England I18479
12 Bourchier, Sir Humphrey  Westminster Abbey, London, England I2411
13 Brandon, Frances  Westminster Abbey, London, England I18219
14 Butler, Lady Amelia (Elizabeth)  12 Jul 1717Westminster Abbey, London, England I15893
15 Butler, James Viscount Thurles  Westminster Abbey, London, England I18475
16 Butler, James 1st Duke of Ormond  4 Aug 1688Westminster Abbey, London, England I14696
17 Butler, James 2nd Duke of Ormond  22 May 1746Westminster Abbey, London, England I15879
18 Butler, Mary  6 Aug 1710Westminster Abbey, London, England I47148
19 Butler, Thomas Earl of Ossory  31 Jul 1680Westminster Abbey, London, England I15877
20 Butler, Thomas Earl of Ossory  1 Mar 1688Westminster Abbey, London, England I15889
21 Carey, John 2nd Earl Dover  1 Jun 1677Westminster Abbey, London, England I46865
22 Cecil, Anne Countess of Oxford  25 Jun 1588Westminster Abbey, London, England I2668
23 Cecil, Elizabeth Countess Devonshire  21 Nov 1689Westminster Abbey, London, England I47143
24 Cecil, Thomas 1st Earl of Exeter  10 Feb 1622Westminster Abbey, London, England I16681
25 Cecil, William 2nd Earl of Exeter  9 Jul 1640Westminster Abbey, London, England I15461
26 Clifford, Margaret  22 Oct 1596Westminster Abbey, London, England I18416
27 de Forz, Aveline Countess of Holderness  Westminster Abbey, London, England I11258
28 de France, Catherine de Valois Queen of England  Westminster Abbey, London, England I11942
29 de la Tour, Blanche  Westminster Abbey, London, England I13302
30 de Mohun, Phillippa Lord of Isle of Wight  Westminster Abbey, London, England I3574
31 de Valence, Aymer 10th Earl of Pembroke  1 Aug 1324Westminster Abbey, London, England I11962
32 de Valence, John  Westminster Abbey, London, England I11960
33 de Valence, Margaret  24 Mar 1275Westminster Abbey, London, England I13585
34 de Valence, William Earl of Pembroke  Westminster Abbey, London, England I4526
35 de Vere, Elizabeth Countess Derby  11 Mar 1627Westminster Abbey, London, England I2670
36 de Vere, Henry 18th Earl of Oxford  15 Jul 1625Westminster Abbey, London, England I15468
37 de Vere, Susan Countess Pembroke  1 Feb 1628Westminster Abbey, London, England I2672
38 Devereux, Robert 3rd Earl Essex  19 Oct 1646Westminster Abbey, London, England I44613
39 Dormer, Catherine Baroness St. John of Bletsoe  Westminster Abbey, London, England I42992
40 Douglas, Lady Margaret Countess Lennox  3 Apr 1577Westminster Abbey, London, England I16594
41 Gorges, Sir Edward  Westminster Abbey, London, England I47033
42 Hanover, Frederick Louis Prince of Wales  Westminster Abbey, London, England I29077
43 Hanover, George II Augustus King of Britain  Westminster Abbey, London, England I15686
44 Howard, Col. Thomas  21 Jul 1678Westminster Abbey, London, England I16744
45 Hyde, Anne  5 Apr 1671Westminster Abbey, London, England I29402
46 Manners, Elizabeth Baroness de Ros  19 May 1591Westminster Abbey, London, England I16680
47 Mowbray, Anne Countess of Norfolk  Westminster Abbey, London, England I40416
48 Neville, Lady Anne Beauchamp  Westminster Abbey, London, England I17760
49 Neville, Dorothy Countess Exeter  Westminster Abbey, London, England I16685
50 Norreys, Elizabeth Baroness Norreys of Rycote  28 Nov 1645Westminster Abbey, London, England I2665

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Acceded    Person ID 
1 Adeliza of Louvain Queen of England  24 Jan 1121Westminster Abbey, London, England I3593
2 Anne of Bohemia  22 Jan 1382Westminster Abbey, London, England I11484
3 Eleanor of Aquitaine Duchess of Aquitaine  19 Dec 1154Westminster Abbey, London, England I2564
4 Henry I Beauclerc of Normandy King of England  6 Aug 1100Westminster Abbey, London, England I2585
5 Joan of Navarre  25 Feb 1403Westminster Abbey, London, England I13154
6 Matilda (Edith) of Scotland  11 Nov 1100Westminster Abbey, London, England I2602
7 Matilda of Boulogne Countess of Boulogne  22 Mar 1136Westminster Abbey, London, England I7554
8 Stephen I of Blois King of England  Abt 26 Dec 1135Westminster Abbey, London, England I7553
9 Berenger, Eleanor of Provence  20 Jan 1236Westminster Abbey, London, England I2561
10 Bowes-Lyon, Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Queen of Britain  12 May 1937Westminster Abbey, London, England I15631
11 Curtmantle, Fitzempress Henry II King of England  19 Dec 1154Westminster Abbey, London, England I2565
12 d'Anjou, Margaret  30 May 1445Westminster Abbey, London, England I12902
13 de France, Catherine de Valois Queen of England  23 Feb 1421Westminster Abbey, London, England I11942
14 de France, Isabella  7 Jan 1397Westminster Abbey, London, England I11485
15 Hanover, George II Augustus King of Britain  11 Oct 1727Westminster Abbey, London, England I15686
16 Hanover, George III William Frederick King of Britain  22 Sep 1761Westminster Abbey, London, England I29081
17 Hanover, George IV Augusta Frederick King of Britain  19 Jul 1821Westminster Abbey, London, England I29085
18 Neville, Lady Anne Beauchamp  6 Jul 1483Westminster Abbey, London, England I17760
19 Oldenburg, Anne of Denmark  25 Jul 1603Westminster Abbey, London, England I29108
20 Plantagenet, Edward I Longshanks King of England  19 Aug 1274Westminster Abbey, London, England I2558
21 Plantagenet, Edward IV King of England  28 Jun 1461Westminster Abbey, London, England I3089
22 Plantagenet, Elizabeth of York Queen of England  18 Jan 1486Westminster Abbey, London, England I3105
23 Plantagenet, Henry IV King of England  13 Oct 1399Westminster Abbey, London, England I4081
24 Plantagenet, Henry V King of England  9 Apr 1413Westminster Abbey, London, England I11941
25 Plantagenet, Henry VI King of England  6 Nov 1429Westminster Abbey, London, England I12903
26 Plantagenet, John I Lackland King of England  27 May 1199Westminster Abbey, London, England I2562
27 Plantagenet, Richard I Count De Lion, King of England  3 Sep 1189Westminster Abbey, London, England I3911
28 Plantagenet, Richard II King of England  16 Jul 1377Westminster Abbey, London, England I4231
29 Plantagenet, Richard III King of England  7 Jul 1483Westminster Abbey, London, England I3093
30 Plantagenet, William I the Conqueror King of England  25 Dec 1066Westminster Abbey, London, England I2629
31 Stuart, Anne Queen of Britain  23 Apr 1702Westminster Abbey, London, England I40755
32 Stuart, Charles I King of Britain  2 Feb 1626Westminster Abbey, London, England I16540
33 Stuart, Charles II King of Britain  23 Apr 1661Westminster Abbey, London, England I16538
34 Stuart, Henry Frederick Prince of Wales  4 Jun 1610Westminster Abbey, London, England I29145
35 Stuart, James I King of Britain  25 Jul 1603Westminster Abbey, London, England I16604
36 Stuart, James II King of Britain  23 Apr 1685Westminster Abbey, London, England I29401
37 Stuart, Mary II Queen of Britain  11 Apr 1689Westminster Abbey, London, England I29400
38 Stuart, William III of Orange King of Britain  11 Apr 1689Westminster Abbey, London, England I29399
39 Taillefer, Isabella of Angoul√™me Queen of England  8 Oct 1200Westminster Abbey, London, England I4523
40 Tudor, Edward VI King of England  25 Feb 1547Westminster Abbey, London, England I16636
41 Tudor, Henry VII King of England  30 Oct 1485Westminster Abbey, London, England I2134
42 Tudor, Mary I Queen of England  30 Nov 1553Westminster Abbey, London, England I16635
43 von Brandenburg, Wilhelmina-Caroline  11 Oct 1727Westminster Abbey, London, England I15685
44 Windsor, George VI (Albert) King of Britain  12 May 1937Westminster Abbey, London, England I15630
45 Woodville, Elizabeth Queen of England  26 May 1465Westminster Abbey, London, England I3115


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Crowned    Person ID 
1 Tudor, Elizabeth I Queen of England  15 Jan 1558Westminster Abbey, London, England I17339


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   11 Nov 1100Westminster Abbey, London, England F691
2 / Berenger  23 Nov 1243Westminster Abbey, London, England F5156
3 / Plantagenet  8 Jul 1290Westminster Abbey, London, England F4054
4 de Bohun / Plantagenet  14 Nov 1302Westminster Abbey, London, England F3780
5 de Clare / Plantagenet  30 Apr 1290Westminster Abbey, London, England F3712
6 Hastings / Fowler  8 May 1690Westminster Abbey, London, England F9770
7 Plantagenet / de Forz  7 Apr 1269Westminster Abbey, London, England F5068
8 Plantagenet / Neville  12 Jul 1472Westminster Abbey, London, England F8658
9 Spencer / Roche  Jun 1954Westminster Abbey, London, England F7733
10 Tudor / Plantagenet  18 Jan 1486Westminster Abbey, London, England F1154
11 Windsor / Bowes-Lyon  26 Apr 1923Westminster Abbey, London, England F7488
12 Windsor / Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg  29 Nov 1934Westminster Abbey, London, England F7710